Udaariyaan 24th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Aykam recalling Nehmat’s words. He fires at the terrorists and runs after them. Mallika appears and embraces Nehmat. She says, “I missed you so much,” and that she’s glad Naaz isn’t here. Nehmat advises against saying this. Mallika claims she challenged us that day; I know she won’t stay silent, so I’m giving Advait my full focus right now. Naaz notices Advait in the café. Mallika claims Advait lavished her with gifts; did you speak with Aykam? Nehmat replies no, and I tried contacting him but received no response. Senior says congratulations and wishes you a speedy recovery. Aykam claims that I was saved but that I had misplaced my phone. He inquires about his phone. The man claims that the phone will be alright, but that you will lose data. Aykam is concerned. Nehmat and Mallika are sitting and discussing Advait. Mallika claims Advait is only interested in her. When Naaz hears a call for Advait, he rushes to get the order. He apologises. She apologises, saying, “My error.” He inquires if we have already met. Yes, she says, I’m Naaz at the event. Advait, glad to meet you, he says. She goes and sits down to read a book. When he returns to his table, he notices her. She walks away. She notices his car. He walks over to his car. He responds, “Yes, I will come alone.” If I have to track Advait, Naaz wonders. She is following his car. Advait runs into someone. Naaz hides and observes. Advait hands over the money to the man. The man claims that it isn’t necessary, and that we would have shot Aykam only after receiving the advance payment. Advait claims that Aykam’s position at Rajpura keeps him away from Nehmat. Naaz considers what Advait wants to accomplish and decides that in order to win the challenge, he must do something. Nehmat receives a phone call from the office. Advait says to his pal, “Fine, I’ll be there at the club, okay, I’ll grab my GF.” He walks away. Naaz claims he has to take his GF, but if your GF won’t accompany you, who will? She smiles.

Nehmat claims to know anything about Advait. The lady claims he has an interest in this company, and your queries have embarrassed him. Nehmat claims I was sincere in my work. The man suggests that Nehmat switch to digital media. Nehmat advises against doing so. The lady requests that she come before her boss fires her. Naaz requests Nehmat. She says I’ll lift her spirits. Nehmat sobs when he sees Aykam’s photo. She claims she misses Aykam. Naaz inquires as to what occurred, why you are sad, why didn’t Aykam call, he would be busy, come, we will go for dinner, and your mood will improve. Nehmat adds, “No, I don’t want to travel; we argue over trivial matters; I don’t want to go anywhere.” Please come with me to Pizza Hub, says Naaz. No, says Nehmat. Naaz suggests we go to the Lighthouse Club, where the pizza is delicious. Nehmat thinks of Aykam. She says yes, we’ll go there; Aykam once took me there. Naaz believes that if Advait does a good job, the evening will be named after him. Advait phones Nikhil and inquires as to his whereabouts. Nikhil declares it party time. Advait invites him to the club. Nikhil says I’ll be there. Naaz says, “Bring dressed; I’ll get you a dress.”

Naaz and Nehmat arrive at the club. Naaz notices Advait. She inquires as to which pizza you intend to order. Nehmat can say whatever he wants. She wonders where you are, Aykam. When Aykam sees the pizza, he thinks about Nehmat. He says you have it, what’s the deal with this case? The man claims it is a double murder, that he killed his wife and lover, but he remains silent. Aykam asks, “Sir, shall I try?” Take this stick, said the inspector. Aykam says it will not be required. Advait claims I had to keep my GF a secret from the press. Naaz remembers that after applying cosmetics, Mallika developed sores on her face. She contacts Advait and apologises for not being able to come since she is ill. She walks away.

Naaz approaches the makeup artist and says, “Well done, your date with Sunny has been set.” Facebook is shutting down. Naaz goes to get a drink. Advait recognises her and greets her. I remember you, Advait Kapoor, she says. Ms Naaz, he says you took 2 seconds, do you drink? I wanted a decent mocktail, she says. He says I dance good, so let’s do it. She apologises, saying, “I’m not single, my boyfriend didn’t come along, I came with my sister, she is single, she recently had a breakup, ask her out.” He inquires as to her whereabouts. She displays Nehmat. He notices Nehmat and inquires whether she is her sister. Naaz answers sure, do you know who she is?He confirms, she is a journalist, and… He considers Aykam’s girlfriend. Aykam claims you loved your wife and wanted to provide her happiness; you used to daydream about her and wonder how you would survive without her. The man answers yes, and I had the impression that she felt the same way about me, but she was in love with someone else, as I discovered after I left her alone for a few days while I went to work. Aykam says, “I feel your pain.” Advait smiles at Nehmat. She says you’re here… He says I came with friends, Mallika isn’t feeling well, so she didn’t come, look at my fate, I didn’t have my GF here but her best friend, I hope you’ll respect me by dancing with me. Nehmat says I m sorry. He asks why, is there anyone in your life who would feel bad if you dance with me, Nehmat recalls Aykam.

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