Udaariyaan 31st October 2022 episode written update

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Advait rescues Nehmat and Aykam in the beginning of the episode. Factory explosions occur. Aykam embraces her. The two of them drive off. How did you find out about us, Aykam queries. Advait offers a defence. He inquires as to their identities and whether they were the attackers from that day. Nehmat asserts, “I concur.” Advait inquires, “I can help you; after all, we’re friends now. Is there any animosity?” Aykam claims that although we didn’t anticipate any violence against us, certain people have an issue with us. Strange, says Advait. Nehmat asserts that a conspiracy existed 16 years after my family died in an accident.

Aykam claims that I attempted to reopen the case, which triggered this. Nehmat claims, “I’m now certain that my parents were murdered; it wasn’t an accident.” Aykam believes it is critical for us to know who planned it. Advait inquires whether you have any reservations about someone. She declines. Aykam responds, “I saw that goon; I need to contact the person he works for.” Advait believes they are harmful. Aykam says sure, but we must know. Advait claims you both may have perished today, which is nonsense. I’m not going to sit quietly because Nehmat claims we can’t live without each other. Yes, says Aykam.

Advait takes them to Nehmat’s home. Advait, Aykam, thank you. He says that if you hadn’t arrived on time, anything may have occurred; don’t tell Mallika. Nehmat wonders what we will say at home. Aykam claims that we will say anything, that an accident occurred. Shamsher questions Advait on why he did what he did. Advait claims that this new crime will not leave us alone, and that this election is critical for you. Shamsher asks, “Will you tell me what is important?” You know what she’s after. The action shifts to Toronto. A lady is spotted. She dials Shamsher’s number. Shamsher inquires, “How shall I respond to her now?” He answers the phone. He wishes you a nice Diwali. She wishes you a happy Diwali and asks if you did what she told you to do. Yes, he says. She claims that she moved to Canada years ago and that she did not know Aykam and Nehmat were involved in the case. He continues, “I know if this case reopens, we’ll both be in danger,” and then asks, “Tell me, what’s your link with them that you intended to kill them?” She requests that he continue to be happy with the election cash and to share her love to Advait. She hangs up the call. She claims Nehmat must now cry.

Shamsher claims that if she hadn’t gotten you Canada PR, you would have ended up in jail. Advait claims that we also assisted her. Shamsher has stated that she will not provide us any party funds. Don’t worry, Advait adds, don’t murder them, they won’t investigate now, Mallika keeps me updated, and I know what I’m doing. Shamsher claims Mallika can make this happen, therefore I know what to do. He laughs. Advait inquires as to what you want to do next. Shamsher’s wife comes in and invites them to come inside because there is a Diwali party going on. Shamsher claims that we are accepting Advait’s partnership for Mallika. Advait is taken aback. Shamsher claims that Advait is hanging out with her, and that we will print the wedding invitations. She claims he did not expose her face to me. He thinks they’re nice folks, so we’ll go with his alliance tomorrow.

Advait wonders what’s the big deal, “I don’t like Mallika, marriage is a commitment.” Shamsher claims to be Aykam’s sister and Nehmat’s best friend, and that this marriage is necessary to separate Nehmat and Aykam. Naaz asks where Aykam and you went after Nikhil left the party and arrived here. Nehmat recalls the mishap. She comes up with an excuse. Naaz requests that she pray for her in the Gurudwara. Naaz considers Advait. She inquires as to what happened to you. Nehmat remains silent.

Naaz inquires whether this has happened to you, that you think of someone and see someone else’s face. Nehmat says always. Naaz claims you only have one face in your eyes. I don’t see anyone except Aykam, says Nehmat. Nehmat wakes up in the morning and sees Advait and her picture. Mallika claims Aykam’s photo is also included. Nehmat inquires as to what happened. Mallika says, “I have to frame these pictures, you three are important people in my life,” and “breaking news,” Advait and his parents came home to discuss the alliance, and “guess what, tomorrow is my roka.” They embrace and dance. I’m really thrilled for you, says Nehmat. Mallika suggests getting ready first. Naaz observes. She inquires if this is true, and congratulates you on your roka. Mallika says, “Leave it alone; I don’t trust you.” Naaz inquires, “Why are you saying this? I have nothing against you in my heart.” Mallika summons Nehmat downstairs. Nehmat, says Naaz, I kept your tea here. Nehmat receives Aykam’s call. I’m getting ready, she says. He inquires as to your well-being. She responds no, who are they, and why do they want us apart? He says we’ll figure it out later. Nehmat expresses her excitement for Mallika and Advait’s roka. Aykam’s photo is no longer visible. Mallika is blessed by Rupy. He informs you that Naaz and Nehmat will arrive in your roka. Mallika replies no, you must all come. ¬†Shelly says you also talk about your marriage. Naaz says Nikhil is ahead of Advait in every department.

Nikhil is asked to get up by Advait. Nikhil awakens. Advait informs me that tomorrow is my roka with Mallika. Nikhil hugs him and inquires as to when this occurred. Advait claims that you and your mother must handle everything. Nikhil promises that everything will be completed. Advait says you spend time with girls, Naaz is Mallika’s buddy, and you’re not doing anything illegal. Nikhil believes I will marry Naaz. Advait inquires, “Does she know you’re always free?” His mother appears and invites Nikhil to join her for dinner. Advait claims that you are spoiling him. Naaz claims that Nikhil is his mother’s favourite, Advait is his father’s puppet, and Mallika will not govern when I leave. Shelly replies, “I believe Advait is his father’s right hand; you save your spot; I don’t think Mallika will make you her Devrani.” Naaz believes Mallika will save her spot now, therefore I must play my trump card.

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