Watch | Cop abruptly confronted a teen eating in a McDonald’s parking lot

US cop shooting 17 year old teen
A 17-year-old girl was in the passenger seat, but was unhurt.

In a McDonald’s parking lot on Sunday, San Antonio police officer James Brennand shot 17-year-old Erick Cantu multiple times. The adolescent, who was initially accused of avoiding arrest in a car and assaulting a police officer, is now making a full recovery in a hospital. After the body-cam evidence from the officer was made public, charges against him were dropped, according to US media.

The officer can be seen in the video abruptly opening the door of a parked car. He then requested a teenager who was inside eating a burger to come outside. The police officer attempted to grasp Erick Cantu as he questioned the officer about why he was following orders, and the car began to go in reverse with the door open. The teen closed the door and ran away as the cop opened fire in a matter of seconds.

Here is the video:

A block away, the car was reportedly found. The teen had multiple gunshot wounds. The passenger, a 17-year-old female, was unharmed.

When the incident’s footage was made public, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said, “There’s nothing that I can say that could defend what he did, his conduct that night.” “Officers are not allowed to shoot at moving automobiles unless they are defending lives, and that particular scenario that evening was not a life-saving situation,” an officer said.

According to Mr. McManus, police didn’t discover any firearms on the teen or in the vehicle he was operating, according to According to the news website, he noted that the disturbance call officer Brennand was responding to on Sunday night had nothing to do with the teen or the vehicle he was operating.

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