Woh Toh Hai Albela 20th October 2022 episode written update

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Kanha receives a phone call from a buddy who provides him with critical information regarding Rishi. He believes he will reveal Rishi’s true identity in front of everyone. Rishi enters with his mother, playing drums and repairing Rishi weds Kusum board behind his back. Gayatri drapes a bridal veil over Kusum and tells the wedding will take place tomorrow. The Chaudhry family is stunned to learn this. Gayatri inquires whether they have any reservations about it. Daadi Mausi claims there is no difficulty at all, and she believes Saroj would agree. Rishi smiles and continues to drum. Kanha runs into his room, furious, and tells Sayuri that they must safeguard Kusum in some way. He promises to meet with his friend Sandeep and learn what evidence he has gathered against Rishi.

Kusum sobs as she considers marrying Rishi and if she should warn her parents about Rishi’s misdeeds against her. Rishi addresses her as just and wishes her well on their upcoming wedding. Kusum turns her face away from him, disgusted. He cautions her not to stare at him and threatens to murder her brothers if she does not marry him. Kusum is suicidal and attempts to sever her wrist with a knife. Indu and Bhanu assist Daadi Mausi with wedding arrangements. Sayuri approaches Kusum and is astounded to discover her attempting suicide. She stops Kusum and asks why she is taking such a drastic action.

Kanha meets Sandeep, who offers her a proof packet against Rishi. Rishi’s pal bikers grab it and race away. They give Rishi the envelope. Rishi becomes enraged when he sees electric and water bills instead of proof and decides to punish Kanha for his bravery. Sayuri interrogates Kusum. Kusum asserts that Rishi is not who he appears to be. Rishi contacts her on the phone and threatens to kill her brothers if she reveals his secret to her family. He also claims to have installed a hidden app on her phone that allows him to listen in on all of her conversations. Kusum yells at Sayuri to stop trying to turn her against her fiance, declares that she will marry Rishi at any cost, and warns her and Kanha not to try to prevent her marriage. Sayuri is taken aback by her behaviour.

Tej and Dhanraj distrust Rishi’s family and wonder how anyone could be so desperate for a marriage. Daadi Mausi says she won’t allow them cancel the alliance because they won’t get another like it. Sayuri phones Kanha and informs him of Kusum’s attempted suicide. Kanha is surprised to hear this and says he has some proof against Rishi and will acquire more; she should keep Kusum under control till then. Sayuri emerges from her chamber, astonished to discover Kusum thrilled about her wedding and getting mehandi on her hand. Kusum looks at her phone, clearly excited about her wedding tomorrow. Sayuri ponders why she is now overjoyed.

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