Woh Toh Hai Albela 24th October 2022 episode written update

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Kanha tells Vaishali not to be clever and reveal the entire truth in detail. Vaishali reveals that she and Rishi were college lovers who wanted to marry, but Rishi’s family opposed their marriage, so they eloped and married; Rishi’s family began treating her like a servant; Rishi took her to the United States and tortured her even more, making her life a living hell; Rishi is a sadist who derives pleasure from torturing others. Kanha asks her to come to his house and reveal Rishi’s true identity to his family in order to prevent his sister from marrying Rishi. Vaishalil says she will visit him tomorrow because her mother is having a major operation today. Kanha claims that Nakul will instead visit the hospital and care for her mother. Vaishali offers to go to Kanha’s house tomorrow. Kanha claims it is a matter of life and death for his sister and cautions her not to break her promise.

Yash calls Kusum and tells her about his affections for her. Kusum is overcome with emotion and bursts into tears. Sayuri excitedly awaits Kanha and Nakul’s return home and hopes Vaishali would agree to assist. Kanha returns home and exposes the truth about Rishi. Vaishali believes that after her mother’s surteyr, she will go to Kanha’s house tonight. Nakul eavesdrops on her and remembers Kanha asking him to spy on Vaishali since he doesn’t trust her. Sayuri becomes enraged after learning of Rishi’s misdeeds and vows to protect Kusum from Rishi and marry her to Yash. Daadi Mausi approaches them and chastises them for wasting time conversing with one other instead of making wedding plans.

Rishi goes out with a friend and becomes quite intoxicated. His buddies applaud him for treating Kusum like a slave and wish for them to have a beautiful and obedient wife like Kusum. Rishi becomes enraged at him for bringing up Kusum and considers himself fortunate. He falls asleep on the sofa and has a nightmare about being arrested for bothering Kusum. He believes he can’t afford to take a chance and is determined to marry Kusum at any cost. Sayuri gets Kusum ready like a bride the next morning, hoping for a miracle. Yash walks in with a gift for Kusum. Sayuri moves away. Yash stands emotional as he hands Kusum a gajra. Kusum understands his anguish.

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