Woh Toh Hai Albela 25th October 2022 episode written update

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Outside the home, Nakul waits for Vaishali. Kanha, who had a sleepless night, also arrives. Vaishali is persuading herself to tell the truth in order to save Kusum’s life. Sayuri approaches Yash, who explains that he used to criticise people in college for having love at first sight, and now that he is experiencing it, he feels he is being humiliated for his own comments. He claims that Kusum believes this is her last shot, but Lofe always offers people a second chance. He requests a pledge from Sayuri not to allow Kusum to marry someone like Rishi. Sayuri promises the same thing as Rishi and Vaishali arrive.

Someone assaults Vaishali just as she is about to open the door. When Vaishali yells for help, they try knocking on the door. Kanha and Nakul discover the place damaged when they break open the door. Sayuri believes that there are only 50 minutes left for marriage. Kusum tears as she recalls Rishi’s threats and Yash’s comments. She wipes her eyes and tells herself that she must accept her fate. Kanha feels Rishi is behind the problem and is about to investigate. They notice that the noise has stopped. Sayuri begs Kanha to arrive before muhurath.

Sayuri is taken aback when she sees Bharat arrive before time. Saroj and Dadi meet them, and Dadi compliments them on their early arrival. Gayatri mentions moving Kusum away and begins performing rituals. They are greeted, and Sayuri seems tense. She attempts to call Kanha, but he does not answer.

Kanha and Nakul discover a box and open it to find Vaishali bound. Sayuri begs Saroj to call off the wedding, but Saroj reprimands her because Bharat is outside. She brings her outdoors. Rishi mocks Sayuri for failing to locate Kanha and Nakul. Saroj lies about going to the temple. Sayuri mocks him for arriving early because he is afraid the girl may escape from his grasp. Kanha is in the car with Nakul and Vaishali when she notices Sayuri’s message. Rituals are performed, and Rishi is about to walk inside when Sayuri intervenes. He asks Sayuri whether she wants to call off the wedding, and she answers yes. She claims that she cannot allow the wedding to take place until the ritual is completed. Rishi’s feet are cleaned as part of the ceremony, she says.

Everyone supports Sayuri, but Sayuri and Rishi mentally battle each other. Sayuri begins the procedure by making Rishi fall down under the guise of scrubbing his feet. She makes fun of him. Rishi is greeted at the mandap. Sayuri begs Kanha to arrive quickly. Rishi believes that everything is proceeding as planned because he has bound Vaishali and Saroj will not only listen to Kanha and Nakul’s statements.

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