Woh Toh Hai Albela 28th October 2022 episode written update

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Rishi pushes Kusum into dancing. The alcohol stench in Kusum’s mouth makes him feel ill. He recalls Kanha humiliating him and pushes her away fiercely. She slips and hits her head on a table. Saroj excitedly awaits Kusum and Rishi’s post-wedding ceremony the next morning. Kanha promises to bring Kusum with him. Saroj claims he cannot. Rishi appears with Kusum and says there is no need for such. Kanha becomes agitated at noticing Kusum’s forehead injury and inquires as to whether Rishi injured her. No, says Kusum. Saroj chastises Kanha for accusing Rishi. Kanha informs Sayuri that Rishi must have tortured Kusum.

Saroj performs the post-wedding ceremony and requests that Rishi allow Kusum to stay for a day. Rishi says he will also stay with Kusum. Saroj smiles and invites Kusum inside. Kanha becomes enraged at Rishi. Rishi admits that he tormented Kusum to exact revenge on Kanha and challenges that he will torture Kusum in front of Kanha’s eyes, leaving Kanha helpless. Kanha is raging in the garden. Sayuri approaches him. He recounts what Rishi told him.

Rashmi shows Kusum and Rishi their room and informs them that she is unable to take pictures with them. Rishi clutches her closely and promises to stand closer to her anytime she requests. Kusum detects his intent. Daadi Mausi scolds Kanha and Sayuri for disrespecting Rishi and causing problems at Kusum’s wedding and advises them to avoid Rishi and Kusum. Kanha also requests that they remain away from their problems. Rashmi shows Nakul a selfie. Nakul becomes enraged and urges her to keep away from Rishi, but she cautions him back not to try to limit her.

Saroj prepares breakfast for Rishi and his family. Rishi asks Dhanraj to come to his office until he returns to the United States. Kanha claims that because their businesses are different, they cannot involve him in his. Rishi is enraged. He puts chilli in food and feeds it to Kusum. Kusum begins to cough. Kanhna becomes enraged. Rishi claims he is very protective of his sister. Saroj invites Kusum to join them in celebrating Diwali. Rishi gladly agrees. Kanha believes this will be Rishi’s final Diwali. Kusum assists Rashmi in the kitchen. Rashmi requests that she be allowed to work. Kusum suggests that she redirect her attention to cooking for the time being. Rashmi wonders if Rishi is romantic. Rishi enters and attempts to converse with Rashmi by touching her. Kusum attempts to send Rashmi from there, but Rashmi, sensing his attention, allows him to touch her. Sayuri notices this and pushes Rashmi away from her.

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