Woh Toh Hai Albela 31st October 2022 episode written update

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During their fight, Rishi pretends to be injured by Yash. Daadi Mausi tends to his wound and gives him medicine. She phones Kanha and Sayuri to complain about Yash. Rishi acts and says he told Kanha and Sayuri not to tell anyone. Kanha inquires about Saroj. Daadi Mausi claims Saroj’s brother and SIL were involved in an accident, so she went to meet them with Rashmi. Kanha and Sayuri have stated that they would have gone to assist. Daadi Mausi claims Saroj’s nephew is present to assist, but Saroj went there to attend to other matters. She claims Sayuri must be present at home for Diwali pooja because she is the house’s grihalaxmi.

Sayuri explores the cupboard for Diwali clothing and mocks Kanha. Their nok jhok begins. Kanha presents her with a beautiful Diwali attire. She thanks him and is moved by his love and concern for her. She also gives him a Diwali gown. She observes him upset and tells him she doesn’t like his gifted lehanga to cheer him up. He becomes tense. She requests that he first try it on himself. Kanha reluctantly agrees and dresses in a lehanga choli. Sayuri compliments him and hugs him.

Kusum crafts a baby doll for Sayuri and Kanha. Rishi walks in and unleashes Kanha and Sayuri’s rage on Kusum and the doll. He rips off the doll and threatens to kill Sayuri and Kanha in this manner. He tortures her after that. The following morning, the family performs Laxmi pooja and celebrates Diwali. Rishi torments Kusum silently while performing pooja with her. Following puja, children receive blessings and gifts from the elders. Daadi Mausi instructs Kanha and Sayuri to place their hands on Rishi and Kusum’s feet. Rishi thinks it’s fine because he doesn’t want any problems around Diwali. Tej wishes everyone to have a wonderful Diwali. Daadi Mausi requests that Dhanraj give her the jewellery box that Saroj left for Kusum and Rishi. Rishi smiles as he hears that. Dhanraj presents them with a jewellery box. Kanha appears to be frowning as a result of this. Rishi dashes out the door and attempts to sell jewellery to a jeweller. The jeweller accuses him of forging the jewels and insults him. Rishi recognises Kanha and Sayuri’s deed and vows to punish them. Kanha informs Nakul that Sayuri replaced the jewels on time, leaving Rishi with fake jewellery.

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