Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th October 2022 episode written update

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Preesha informs Armaan that he set up a trap for her, Rudra, and himself. Rudra claims that Armaan can never separate them and that only truth triumphs over evil. Preesha claims that they have gathered evidence against him and that he will now be imprisoned. Armaan believes Preesha believes his plan has ended here, but she is unaware that he has a trump card with whom he will return soon and surprise her. He is apprehended by police. Rudra admires Preesha’s beauty and says he can’t believe she’s in front of him; he’s been separated from her for 300 days, 12 hours, and 9 months; he’s counted each second without her; he’s breathing but not alive without her. Preesha hugs him and says she doesn’t want to live without him.

Rudra and Preesha then thank Vidyuth and Raj for their assistance and depart. Sharda performs Preesha’s aarti and announces that this house’s daughter and DIL will return in a year. She instructs her to kick a reice bowl and do graha pravesh. Gopal, accompanied by Pihu, enters and stops Preesha, explaining that she is not yet Rudra’s wife because she is still legally Armaan’s wife. Rudra claims he was aware of the legal issues and had already consulted with his lawyer, who is preparing divorce papers for Armaan’s signature tomorrow. Sharda claims that Preesha can now perform graha pravesh and begin a new life as Rudra tomorrow. They all come in. Preesha apologises to Pihu for locking up her brother. Pihu says Armaan deserved it and asks if she can contact her sister-in-law. Preesha says she can call her sis from now on because she is now her soul sister. Rudra expresses gratitude to each member of his family for their assistance in reuniting him with Preesha.

Pihu goes to get Preesha’s bags from the car when Raj approaches her and asks if she accepted his proposal. Pihu says nervously that she needs time to respond. Raj turns and walks away. Vidyuth overhears their conversation and asks if she rejected Raj because she loves him and didn’t want to be expected to love a man she used to despise. Pihu walks away, refusing to accept it. Vidyuth believes she loves him and will accept it soon. Sharda offers Preesha sargi to keep her karvachauth fast the next morning. Rudra joins her and declares that he, too, will fast for Preesha. Sharda reminds him that he can’t go without food for long. Rudra claims that Preesha’s love will cause him to fast.

Digvijay goes to the police station and asks the inspector for Armaan’s bail. Because Armaan is a habitual offender, the Inspector refuses to accept his bail. Preesha, accompanied by Rudra and GPS, enters and demands Armaan’s divorce. Digvijay makes an attempt to humiliate her and make her feel guilty. Preesha responds appropriately. Armaan is delivered to them. Digvijay advises him not to sign divorce papers until they return all cases to him.

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