Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode starts off with Rudraksh reprimanding Vidyut. Raj believes this is what he desired. He recalls overhearing Pihu and Vidyut’s necklace conversation. He believes Pihu rejected him for Vidyut. He believes Pihu is playing with his and Vidyut’s emotions. He wonders how Vidyut can like Pihu when Vidyut knows he likes Pihu. He decides to punish Vidyut for betraying him. He steals the necklace and places it in Vidyut’s cabinet. He believes Vidyut is no longer welcome in the Khurana household.

Vidyut asks Rudraksh to believe him. Rudraksh informs him that he will not trust him again. He gives him the order to leave the house. He demands that he prove his innocence or leave the house. Raj requests that he forgive Vidyut this time. Rudraksh informs him that he has already given Vidyut numerous chances. Raj informs him that this time he will assume Vidyut’s responsibilities. Rudraksh requests that Vidyut transform into Raj. Raj requests that Vidyut apologise to Rudraksh. Vidyut expresses regret to Khuranas. He claims that he did not steal the necklace. From there, everyone departs.

Preesha informs Rudraksh that Vidyut will not change. She is curious as to why Vidyut took the necklace. Rudraksh promises to send Vidyut to his house the next time. Sharda informs him that she spoke with her brother, who is now out of town. Pihu overhears their discussion. She is perplexed as to why Vidyut would steal the necklace.

The next day, Raj informs Preesha that her presence has altered the atmosphere in this house. Preesha expresses her gratitude to him for being Pihu’s friend. He tells her that he loves Pihu, but Pihu rejected him, so they are no longer friends. Pihu overhears their discussion. Raj notices Pihu and decides to leave. Preesha inquires as to why Pihu rejected Raj. Pihu tells her that she only likes Raj as a friend. Preesha inquires if the latter likes anyone else. Vidyut’s confession comes back to Pihu. She believes she is befuddled by her emotions. She informs her that she dislikes everyone else.

Vidyut expresses regret to Rudraksh. He claims he did not steal the necklace. Rudraksh inquires as to why the latter desired the necklace. Vidyut tells him that he adores Pihu and wished to purchase the necklace for her. He informs him that he, too, has been fasting for Pihu. Rudraksh questions him on why Pihu did not support him. Vidyut informs him that Pihu is refusing to accept her feelings. Rudraksh requests that he demonstrate his love for Pihu. He informs Pihu that Vidyut will abandon her. He drives Preesha to court.

Vidyut drives Pihu around. He walks across hot coals. He declares his love for her. He requests that she accept her feelings for him. She admits to herself that she loves him. Preesha is divorced in court. Rudraksh visits the lawyer. Without anyone’s knowledge, Armaan hands Preesha a note. He asks her to read it alone and then proceeds. When Preesha reads it, she becomes concerned about her marriage.

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