Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th October 2022 episode written update

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Rudra tells Preesha that he is overjoyed that her divorce proceedings with Armaan have been finalised and that she will marry him; he has planned a party night to celebrate. Preesha returns home, tense from reading Armaan’s letter, and wonders how she will marry Rudra now. Roohi approaches her with Saransh and informs her that Rudra is waiting for her downstairs. She joins Rudra, who expresses his joy and says that all of the guests are waiting for her. Preesha leaves her purse on a table and goes to get herself some juice. A letter from her purse flies into Rudra’s path. Rudra chooses it. Preesha notices this and becomes tense. Rudra is about to read the letter when Preesha purposefully bumps into him and spills juice on him. He inquires as to her well-being. Preesha claims she is fine; her sari border got caught in her shoes. She silently selects the letter, thanking God that Rudra did not read Armaan’s letter.

Vidyuth walks into the party venue. Pihu is terrified of seeing him. He gives her a beautiful signal and a flying kiss. Raj becomes jealous when he sees this and thinks that with his conspiracy, Pihu would hate Vidyuth and never see his face again, but his plan failed; he will now make Vidyuth jealous. Pihu is saddened by Vidyuth’s foot bandages and wonders who harms themselves in this way. She walks towards him to assist him when Raj interrupts and asks Pihu to dance. Pihu agrees and joins him in the dance. He is reminded that he does not want to be her friend. He claims to have realised that, if not companionship, he can at least be her friend. Pihu thanks him and expresses her desire not to lose a friend.

Vidyuth is fuming in jealousy as he watches them dance and is about to break an alcohol glass when Rudra stops him and asks what he is doing here instead of dancing with Pihu, threatening to punish him if he does not persuade Pihu. Vidyuth has already expressed his heartbreak. Rudra becomes concerned when he notices his bandaged feet. Vidyuth claims he needs to persuade Preesha to accept his and Pihu’s relationship and marry them. Rudra concurs. Ruda then announces and insists on his and Preesha’s dance. They both dance to the song Lakhon Miley Koi Bhi Na Tumsa Mila.. and express their love for one another. Preesha considers how to inform him that their happiness is fleeting and that a major problem awaits them. Following their performance, everyone applauds.

Vidyuth is informed by the waiter that someone has called him on the terrace. He walks to the terrace and notices that it is decorated, but there is no one there. Pihu enters the room. Vidyuth is delighted to see her and wonders what all the fuss is about. Pihu claims she wanted to do something special for him because he seemed envious of her dancing with Raj. He claims he was not. Pihu says she was overthinking things and trying to make him feel special, so she’ll leave. Vidyuth stops her and admits that he was jealous. She expresses a desire to dance with him. He claims she recognises his burned feet. She forces him to sit in a chair and dances passionately around him to the song Teri Awargi Banjawoon Main.. Raj becomes jealous when he sees them and believes he needs to do something big to separate them with a bigger plan.

Sharda questions Rudra about booking Blue Ocean Hotel for his wedding without informing him because she preferred a home wedding. Rudra claims he didn’t want to make the event more special because he had just gotten Preesha back after so many years. Preesha walks down the stairs. Rudra inquires as to where she is going. She claims to be going to the parlour. Rudra says her parlour lady usually visits her at home, but since their wedding is in a few hours and he booked a hotel for them, she should call her parlour lady there. Preesha claims that because the parlour lady cannot transport special equipment to the hotel, she must visit the parlour. She promises to be on time at the hotel. Roohi informs Preesha that she has repeatedly called her. Preesha returns to her room, saying she forgot her phone there. Jewler returns with a necklace and informs Rudra that Vidyuth requested it.

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