Yeh Hai Chahatein 22nd October 2022 episode written update

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Rudra inquires of Vidyuth as to who is plotting against him. Vidyuth claims he has no idea because he has no enemies. Rudra says they will find out who is behind all of this after marriage, but first they must get dressed and arrive at the hotel for his and Preesha’s wedding. Vidyuth expresses gratitude to him. Rudra suggests that he thank Pihu instead because she is Preesha’s xerox clone and can read eyes. Vidyuth acknowledges and compliments Pihu. He claims he does not deserve such a sweet and religious young lady. Pihu says let her decide; she selected him and that’s all there is to it. Raj becomes envious when he sees them together again and believes that since he couldn’t separate them even after all that has happened, he must now do something far more drastic.

Rudra and his family arrive at the hotel and wait for Preesha. Preesha arrives there. Rudra hugs her and inquires as to where she has been. Preesha attempts to talk. Sharda requests that she first prepare for her wedding. Preesha considers how to inform Rudra that Armaan is blackmailing him and wants her to drop all charges against him in exchange for revealing the location of her missing baby. Raj poisons Pihu’s juice, believing that if he becomes intimate with her, Vidyuth would observe and decide to leave Pihu. He offers Pihu juice. She thanks him and swallows the juice because she was thirsty. She then approaches Vidyuth and inquires as to where he is headed. He says he’s going to prepare Rudra. He approaches Rudra, who is already dressed as the groom, and asks whether he is nervous. Rudra replies yes, and Vidyuth will get to see it when he marries Pihu.

Sharda gets Preesha ready and wishes her a lifetime of happiness with Rudra. Vidyuth shows Rudra his decorated car. Rudra inquires as to why he did not decorate his car. Vidyuth informs Rudra that his car has a problem and encourages him to consider the time he would spend with Preesha in this car after their marriage. Rudra claims he already belongs to Preesha and wishes to spend his life with her in peace and romance. Pihu begins to feel inebriated. Vidyuth spots her tripping and inquires as to her well-being. She claims to be inebriated. Raj becomes envious when he sees Vidyuth arrive in Pihu before him, thwarting his objective. Vidyuth takes her to the bathroom, tells her she will be fine in the shower, and turns on the shower. She becomes passionate and embraces him from behind. The song Teri Awargi Ban Jau Maiā€¦ is playing in the background.

Preeesha stands at the gate, waiting for Rudra. Rudra and Baratis arrive in a car. Preesha questions Sharda about Rudra’s appearance in Vidyuth’s car. Sharda claims Rudra’s car has a problem, so Vidyuth decorates his own car. Vidyuth and Pihu’s relationship becomes increasingly romantic and intimate. Awargi Teri The song Ban Jau Mai.. continues to play in the background. Armaan, disguised as a beggar, approaches Rudra’s car. Sharda observes him and requests that Raj take him aside. Armaan walks away, leaving a trolley in front of the car. Raj moves the cart to the side. Rudra gets out of the car and gestures to Preesha, “I love you.” He believes that he and Preesha will be together forever in just a few minutes. Preesha believes they will reunite and perhaps recover their lost son; she wants him to be with her forever. Rudra’s car comes behind him. Pihu is awakened by a blast sound and informs Vidyuth. They both dress up and run out the door. Panic breaks out at the bomb site. Preesha, concerned about Rudra, calls out his name, followed by other family members. She looks for Rudra.

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