Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th October 2022 episode written update

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Preesha is correct, argues Vidyuth, that Armaan can do anything; he must have prepared a bomb attack from behind bars. Inspector says it’s impossible since Armaan’s assets were frozen once he was arrested, he has no access to money, and he’s in solitary confinement. Preesha believes that someone must have met Armaan. Inspector phones the jail and inquires if Armaan is still in solitary confinement and if anyone has come to meet him. He informs Preesha that Armaan is still in solitary confinement and that no one has come to meet him, so he is unable to arrange this explosion. Digvijay approaches Armaan and compliments him on placing a bomb in Armaan’s car and returning to jail without anybody knowing; finally, Rudra is dead. Armaan claims that Rudra’s body has yet to be discovered. Digivijay claims that no one can survive such a bombardment, so he can relax. Armaan claims Preesha is unaware of his next move.

Inspector asks Preesha who wanted to kill Rudra if it wasn’t Armaan. Preesha recalls Vidyuth saying after Rudra scolds him that he would murder anyone who accuses him. Vidyuth is accused of putting a bomb in his own car and killing Rudra. Vidyuth is astonished and declares he will never harm his brother. Preesha inquires as to why he was whispering about killing Rudra. Vidyuth claims he uttered it in response to the person attempting to trap him. Preesha inquires as to why he gave his car to Rudra. Sharda believes Vidyuth will never kill his brother. Preesha inquires as to where he was when the explosion occurred. Vidyuth maintains silence in order to protect Pihu’s dignity. Sharda also challenges Vidyuth to tell where he was at the time of the explosion.

Vidyuth is arrested in connection with Rudra’s murder. Pihu interrupts him and confesses that Vidyuth was with her when the blast occurred; they had slept in the same room together. Preesha refuses to believe her and requests that she not lie in order to protect Vidyuth. Raj sees an opening and encourages Pihu not to support Vidyuth, reminding her of his previous attempts to embarrass her. Pihu claims she is not lying and that she loves Vidyuth. Rudra was aware of this and wanted to inform Preesha after their marriage in order to obtain Preesha’s blessings. Preesha declares that she would never bless them. Pihu describes how she fell in love with Vidyuth after discovering him repentant and fasting for her, among other things. Even still, Preesha refuses to believe her and instructs the inspector to detain Vidyuth. Sharda tries to explain herself, but Preesha is unmoved. Pihu challenges Preesha to prove Vidyuth’s innocence at whatever cost.

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