Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th October 2022 episode written update

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Sharda warns Preesha that her misdeeds will bring her only bad luck. Armaan is pictured preparing. Sharda asks Preesha whether she felt she could live with Armaan in Rudra’s house because Devimaa punished her crimes by marrying her to Armaan. Armaan enters dressed as a toddler and addresses Preesha as Preesha aunty. Sharda claims Preesha desired a spouse but received a child instead. Preesha recalls marrying Armaan and requesting that he divulge the location of her son as promised. Armaan claims to know where Revati and her baby are and that he would transport her there the next day. Preesha believes she will divorce Armaan after she has her child.

The next morning, Armaan drives Preesha to Revati’s house and shows her Revati holding the baby. He tells Preesha to wait outside while he attempts to persuade Revati to return the baby. He enters the hut and attacks Revati. Revati smacks him on the head and flees with the baby. Preesha tries to follow Revati, but when she hears Armaan’s appeal, she runs to him. Armaan claims that Revati discovered their arrival and fled with the baby; he knows where she is and would take her there.

Preesha admits Armaan to the hospital, where the doctor informs her that Armaan sustained a brain injury, which has seriously impacted his cognitive area of the brain, and he would behave like a 7-year-old child, therefore she should send him to a mental health clinic. Preesha claims she won’t be able to find her kid if Armaan goes to the mental health centre, so he will bring Armaan to her residence. She informs the doctor that Armaan is her spouse and that she will accompany him home. The doctor instructs her to complete discharge procedures and treat Armaan as if he were a 7-year-old child.

In a flashback, Preeesha believes she is concealing the truth from Sharda and Saransh for the sake of her kid, and that once she learns of her baby’s location through Armaan, she would expose the truth to them. Armaan continues to behave like a 7-year-old. Saransh purchases a birthday cake for Preesha. Sharda walks away enraged. Saransh tells Preesha that he cannot miss her birthday and asks her to make a wish. Preesha wonders what she may wish for when she has already lost Rudra and hopes to see her kid again soon. Armaan spreads cake on his face and snatches Saransh’s shirt. Roohi, who is out partying with her companions, becomes enraged when she sees Armaan down. Preesha persuades Armaan and attempts to hire him. Roohi believes Preesha knows she despises Armaan; she pulled him down to hurt her before, and she will now hurt Preesha. She sings Rudra’s one-hit wonder. Preesha is moved by this, but Roohi is relieved to see her sad.

Saransh presents Preesha with Roohi’s birthday cake. Armaan grabs it and eats the cake. Preesha chastises him for stealing Roohi’s birthday cake. When Roohi hears this, she inquires as to who brought her the cake. Saransh claims she did. Roohi questions why he handed her birthday cake to a stranger, implying that Preesha deliberately ruined her birthday. She sobs as she walks to her room. Sharda becomes enraged at Saransh. Armaan returns the dessert to Preesha while still acting childish. After a while, Preesha misses Rudra and is depressed. She receives a phone call from an unknown number. Pihu expresses himself.

Preesha claims her voice is well-known. Pihu wonders if she has forgotten about her in three months. Preesha smiles when she hears her. Pihu claims she has discovered her soul mate and will return tomorrow to invite her and Armaan to their wedding and receive Armaan’s blessings. Preesha says she will wait for her and that, at the very least, she has received good news after a long time and that she will welcome Pihu and her would-be husband. Pihu informs her fiance that they will meet Preesha tomorrow. He makes an up sign.

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