Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Manjiri asking Akshu not to go out at this time. She summons Abhi downstairs. She displays the mehendi. She says it’s Karwachauth; the relationship strengthens when the husband and wife celebrate Karwachauth every year; we need to strengthen the relationship; your fast for each other will attest to this; will you keep the fast? Shefali agrees that you should keep it. Akshu says I shouldn’t lie, but this relationship can’t be strengthened, and I can’t keep this fast because Abhi and I are divorcing, so there is no relationship left. Manjiri sobs. Please don’t take stress, says Abhi. Manjiri passes out. Abhi claims she went into a coma. Akshu’s fantasy is over. Shefali hands them mehendi cones and instructs them to apply it to one another. When Manjiri sees Abhi and Akshu, she smiles. Mahima observes. Sorry, Abhi, I have to do this drama until my mother recovers. If Akshu does not keep the fast, Mahima believes I will tell Manjiri the truth tomorrow. Abhi and Akshu exchange glances. Suwarna says your blood pressure is normal, but you’re worried about Akshu because it’s Karwachauth tomorrow; take care. Manish says, “I’m hurting seeing the children, their lives are lonely, Kairav lost Anisha, Akshu and Abhi are also getting separated, just pray that Aarohi’s love is true and Vansh finds a good life partner.” She considers us fortunate to have found love.

He says you have filled my life with love, and I am concerned about the children. Suwarna believes that love is strange in that when we find it in a relationship, it means there is a lot there. Aarohi observes and thinks they are always talking about Akshu. When Abhi and Akshu see the mehendi, they argue. Tum kahan…sings… They are both awake all night. He leaves. She walks away to eat some chips. She notices the Sargi. Maid requests sargi for Akshu, Shefali and Mahima have sargi in their rooms, and Manjiri will be late for work. According to Abhi, I came because I was hungry. According to Akshu, I also came to eat. They are able to understand each other’s words. They take the plates and begin serving the food. She thinks we’re celebrating Karwachauth, but we’re not. He believes we must act as if our relationship is broken. I’m not sure if she thinks this is right or wrong. He believes we must do it regardless.

Manish goes out to get Suwarna some food. He feeds her with his own hands. She says it’s fine. Aarohi believes I fasted for Neil because he dislikes me. Manish poses a problem. She says no, everything is fine. Vansh gives her a look. Manjiri bestows blessings on Akshu. She inquires as to the location of your mangalsutra. Akshu claims that the hook broke, that I gave it to a jeweller to be repaired, that it was repaired, and that I forgot to wear it. According to Abhi, I have it. Manjiri requests that he make Akshu wear it because it is auspicious. Abhi forces Akshu to wear it. Mahima arrives to inquire about the puja with Manjiri. Abhi and Akshu leave. Mahima believes that now is the time to reveal the truth about Abhi and Akshu. She notices Akshu opening a bag of chips. She takes Manjiri there. Akshu takes the packet and leaves. Abhi inquires if you are keeping the fast. To keep mum’s trust, Akshu says no for you. He responds, “Good, don’t expect me to go hungry for your sake.” On the phone, Neil speaks with Aarohi. He apologises to Aarohi. She says you don’t have time for me; just tell me how our relationship is going. Don’t say anything, he says, because I kept Karwachauth fast for you. She claims I also kept, but I am unable to declare this; I am willing to go against family for you because I love you. He says, “I love you, too,” and that it would be better if they were with us. She says I’m coming to your house and that you must break my fast. He says there’s a lot of danger here, so we’ll meet somewhere else. I’m coming, she says, because our love is greater than the risk.

Mahima says at the market, “I’d like to find a way to get rid of Akshu.” She notices Manish and Suwarna in the store. Manish mocks Mahima. Suwarna thinks it’s a good thing Akshu has left the station. Mahima instructs them to pause before lying. She goes, indirectly taunting them. Manish claims that her words had meaning for him. Suwarna claims she was yelling nonsense out of rage. Manish muses and says, “I’ll talk to Akshu once.” Neil is concerned, so Akshu inquires. He considers informing Akshu. She claims I received a call from the academy. He says it’s fine if you talk. Shivansh is with Abhi. Akshu comes up. Abhi asks shall I also keep a fast, she kept it for mum’s sake.

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