Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Akshu getting ready in the room. Abhi tries to control her while not seeing her. He activates the laptop camera and notices Akshu behind him. When he sees her necklace, he says, “Not this one.” She is dressed in the one of his choice. Jaaniye….plays… He smiles and says, “Oye…” Her earring falls from her ear, and she says oye. She looks at him. He closes the laptop. When she sees him, she says oye. His paper falls to the ground, and he says oye. They are both aware of each other. roohdariyaan tujhse…. Plays.. He hands over the sindoor box to her. She remembers his words. She does it herself and thanks you. He says not to mention it.

Suwarna asks Manish why he is concerned, and if he is recalling Mahima’s words. He claims she meant that our pride would be shattered as a result of Akshu. She claims, but we believe her. Yes, he says. Dadi invites him to puja. Okay, he says, then I’ll go to Jaipur and meet Akshu. Dadi is concerned. Shefali greets the ladies and tells them not to tell Manjiri anything about Abhi and Akshu. The lady assures Shefali that they will not say anything. Aarohi arrives and sees the family. Abhi and Akshu enter the room. Aarohi does not notice Akshu. She wonders why Abhi got so dressed up. The light goes out.

Aarohi says, “Great, it’s a good opportunity to go inside.” I’ll check the fuse, says Abhi. Aarohi walks into the house. Akshu goes to assist Abhi. She collides with Aarohi and runs away. Neil separates Aarohi. He says it will be a problem if anyone sees us, so come with me. Nishta hands over the torch to Akshu. Akshu wonders how Aarohi is here. I’m hungry, according to Aarohi. Neil agrees with me. She claims that the moon is not visible. He claims that we can view the moon online and break the fast, while others view the star and break the fast. She responds, “Really? Then there’s the star, and I’ll get the plate and channi.” She walks away.

Neil is visible through the channi to Aarohi. Neil directs her. Abhi and Akshu notice Neil and go to investigate. Neil and Aarohi are complementary to one another. Aarohi performs aarti and ends his fast. He also helps her break her fast. Neil is seen with someone by Abhi and Akshu. Neil is celebrating Karwachauth, according to Abhi. But with whom, Akshu wonders. Neil notices them and runs after Aarohi. Akshu wonders where he went. Neil claims that I mistook him for a breakup and that he learned nothing from me. She inquires as to what is being concealed.

She gets a bangle there. She claims it is Sirat’s. Abhi inquires, “Are you sure?” I’m not sure, she says, but I have this feeling. She dashes out to investigate. Abhi warns you that you will fall; take the torch, there is darkness. Let them see what’s the big deal, says Aarohi. Neil says, “We celebrated Karwachauth, please be happy, love you, and go.” She takes a seat in the cab. Akshu dashes out to investigate. The lights return. Akshu is taken aback when he sees Aarohi in the cab. Aarohi notices Akshu as well.

On Karwachauth, Akshu says Aarohi. Aarohi claims Akshu is in town on Karwachauth. Aarohi, says Akshu… Abhi appears and inquires of Aarohi, implying that the girl with Neil was Aarohi, when this occurred. Neil’s words come to mind. He says, “Now I understand why he didn’t tell me about his GF,” he has hidden a big thing, there are many issues between Birlas and Goenkas, he has this new angle, we have to handle this, otherwise this matter will come out, mum isn’t well, and there are guests in the house. He asks if you saw Aarohi and if she saw you. I don’t think so, she says. She says she hopes she doesn’t tell anyone if she sees you. Aarohi claims Akshu is lying about meeting her husband after they divorced, and she plans to go home and tell them. Abhi wonders if Aarohi will keep the truth hidden. Manish will be hurt if he finds out, says Akshu, and he trusts me a lot. I don’t understand about Neil and Aarohi. She is terrified. He catches her and prevents her from falling. He tells her to calm down because she is having a panic attack. He invites her to sing. She signs the no. He requests that you sing. She sings a song. She settles down. They have a chance. Jaaniye….plays… Shefali summons them to break their fast because the moon has risen. They’re calling, according to Akshu. He invites her to join him.

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