Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Akshu and Abhi remembering one another. Roohdaariyaan…plays.. They both run out of the house and arrive at the same location. They both agree that we should take a break and hug. They both cry when they see each other. Aarohi calls Neil and requests that they meet. She claims that if Akshu has seen me, I must act. Abhi wonders if Manish is too upset. What about Manjiri, says Akshu? He claims she is too enraged. She claims that we thought a lie would bring us peace. He claims it is more troubling than the truth. She insists that we speak with Neil and Aarohi. He says I must speak with Neil because Aarohi cannot be trusted. She claims that we must protect families from this shock because our relationship is already causing problems. He says we should first speak with Neil and Aarohi. They both thank each other in their hearts and depart from there. Bechaini si… Jaaniye…. Plays… They depart. Neil is approached by Abhi. Akshu claims Aarohi isn’t here; where has she gone? Abhi requests that Neil not lie about Aarohi. Akshu notices something.

Abhi claims that girl isn’t right for you. Wait, says Neil. Akshu says that Aarohi discusses all family matters with Mahima. She reads their conversations. Neil says, “I’ve seen Aarohi change in the last year, and I’m just asking for your help.” Abhi inquires, “Did you get angry?” A person’s nature does not change. Neil says, “I need your help in making this decision.” Akshu investigates Aarohi’s life objectives. Akshu asks if you love Neil or if you’re just using him. Neil says, “I want my rights, I want my right to choose my love and life partner, will you get me my rights, maybe everyone is against me, I can’t expect anything from others, tell me.” Akshu considers speaking with Aarohi.

Suwarna claims that you like Neil Birla. After Sirat left us, Aarohi claims you are her mother. Akshu observes. Aarohi says, “I’ve always felt like no one loves me, Akshu is more important, but Neil makes me feel special, he loves me a lot, I tried not to love him, but love happens on its own.” Suwarna says I’ll try, but I can’t promise anything. Aarohi expresses gratitude and hugs her. Akshu departs. Aarohi enters her room. She asks, “What are you doing with my laptop?” Akshu inquires as to what you are doing with Neil; you want to become the head of Birla Hospital; you are defrauding Neil. Aarohi removes it. Akshu says that deleting this will not change the truth. She chastises Aarohi. Aarohi claims that not everything is true or false, and that you are a good girl. Where are you now? Don’t marry Neil and ruin his life, says Akshu. Aarohi says you couldn’t keep your marriage together; I like Neil; what’s your problem if I marry him and my dreams come true? Tell Neil that you are marrying him to fulfil your dream of gaining power and position at Birla Hospital; he is like my younger brother, and I will not allow this to happen. Aarohi asks, “Am I nothing to you?” You’re jealous, I’ll marry Neil, and no one can stop me. Akshu says, “I’ll see what you do, but I’m not going to let this marriage happen.” Abhi inquires as to what I should tell the family. I can’t let Neil get cheated, it’s Aarohi’s career move, not love, and I hope Abhi talked to him about it. Abhi considers speaking with Manjiri and comes to a halt at the door. He sits down and promptly falls asleep. Manjiri comes out and sobs upon seeing him. She notices Akshu and her photograph in his wallet. She walks away.

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