Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Aarohi stating that everyone will agree except Akshu. Neil said she will support us once she realises we love one other. She claims you will be surprised when your trust is broken. Neil claims that Abhi and Akshu will back us up. She claims she’ll call you later. She closes the call by saying, “No one knows Akshu better than I do.” He receives a message. Abhi calls and says we must meet straight away. Suwarna says I have to speak with everyone. Dadi inquires, “What happened?” Suwarna requests that Manish arrive. At a park, Abhi meets Aarohi, and Akshu meets Neil. Akshu insists that we speak. Just respond to me, he says. Neil expresses gratitude, saying, “I know you always support the truth, and I adore Aarohi.” Abhi inquires as to who your aim is, Neil or family, and what vengeance you intend to exact. Neil believes you love me, but this is not the case. Aarohi says, “I know you can’t trust me easily, but I adore Neil and want to marry him.”

He says you can’t marry Neil and to forget about him since you’re the wrong person for him. Neil says, “I know there are issues between them, but we have to move ahead, and love is all that matters.” I won’t let my family suffer, says Abhi, because family comes first. Akshu believes that the intention behind the love is more important; you are emotional, Aarohi is ambitious, and I am speaking the truth. Abhi adds, “You are practical; I have an offer for you from a top-tier hospital in New York; it’s a five-year contract; go and create your career; spare my brother.” Akshu believes that while thinking about the future is not wrong, gambling with someone’s life for the sake of dreams is, and marrying someone to fulfil dreams is also wrong. Neil requests that she say it clearly. Abhi advises signing the contract and leaving. Aarohi wants power and position in the Birla house, according to Akshu, and marrying you is one way for her to acquire it. Neil responds, “I didn’t anticipate this from you; she has changed, and Abhi has changed as a result of your love.”

Aarohi says, “I will do whatever I want.” Akshu suggests to go and ask her if she wants to marry you if you take her away from Birla hospital. Aarohi walks away with the contract papers. Neil adds, “We’re talking about love and marriage; it’s not a business between us; it’s simple; she loves me, I love her; don’t complicate a simple thing; I made a mistake by expecting your backing.” He walks away. Akshu is sobbing. Abhi is concerned. Neil walks to his car, recalling Akshu’s words. Aarohi reflects on Abhi’s remarks. Abhi and Akshu see each other and part ways. Roohdaariyaan…plays… She claims that I met Neil. He claims that I met Aarohi. Suwarna is patiently waiting for Manish. Dadi claims there will be an issue. Akhilesh says Manish is on his way. She claims she is worried about the impending storm. Manjiri sobs as she remembers Abhi. She claims that it is difficult to remain upset among youngsters. She notices Neil. Abhi claims that Aarohi did not throw the papers, but rather took them with her. Neil is in love, says Akshu, and Aarohi hasn’t changed. Abhi argues that if their relationship is going to break down like this, it’s better that it doesn’t form since I don’t want them to deal with this problem. They both depart.

Akshu returns home. Suwarna adds Akshu has also arrived; we’ll discuss. Manish and Dadi inquire about the situation with Suwarna. Akshu imagines. Manish requests that Suwarna say it. Suwarna says you’re going to get a shock, so please take a seat. Tell me if he says no. She claims that everyone knows Aarohi loves someone and want to marry him, but no one knows his name is Neil Birla. They are all taken aback. Kairav inquires. Manish claims that this name would never be used again in this house.

Abhi returns home. Neil displays the documents. Neil asks Aarohi why he done this and he answers, “Welcome home.” She claims that I did not want our relationship to be made public in this manner. She asks Neil to speak with Abhi and then departs. Neil disagrees with Abhi. He claims you have a right to love while I do not; you loved Akshu while I supported you; your love is love while mine is a mistake. Abhi tells you to relax. No, Neil argues, you should not have done this. Parth requests that Neil refrain from yelling at Abhi. Anand claims that because we hired her at the hospital, we cannot make her our bahu. Mahima claims that both of our sons were kidnapped by their sisters. Parth says that we all know how selfish she is. Neil grabs his collar and yells. Neil is asked to leave Parth by Abhi. Neil pushes Abhi away from him. Abhi has serious concerns. Neil says I can’t stop myself, so I’m urging you not to get in the way.

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