Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd October 2022 episode written update

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Harsh begins the episode by urging Neil to simply talk. Neil claims that Abhi and Akshu don’t comprehend my feelings. Abhi expresses concern for you, saying, “I didn’t forget about Aarohi and what she can do for her motive.” Neil says, “I wish you could forget the past and accept your change,” referring to the fact that she did not go to New York and returned home to refuse the offer. Abhi claims she came here to cause brothers to fight; she could have told you that in private. Neil claims that you don’t want me to have my love. I don’t want the same thing to happen to you that happened to me, says Abhi. Neil says, “You have no idea what I can do if I don’t get my love.” Abhi inquires as to what you are saying. Neil claims that if you do not embrace Aarohi and my affection, much will go wrong; I’m sorry, but I can’t stop myself. Abhi claims you don’t listen to me, but don’t question my intentions; I love you and am concerned about you. Neil replies, “Stop worrying about me, step aside, and let me have my share of the sun; I don’t want to be in your shade.” Everyone is concerned. Manish receives medication from Akshu. He flatly refuses. She requests that he take it. He swallows the pills. Akhilesh tells her not to punish herself for Aarohi’s error, but to let her come and tell us what’s going on.

Suwarna feels we should not pass judgement on them. I spoke to Akshu, and I don’t believe Aarohi loves Neil. Aarohi enters and asks, “Any other expert comments, Akshu?” Abhi sobs and confides in Shivansh about Neil.

He continues, “I can’t let the same thing happen with Neil; remember, you don’t do this, and don’t expect me to not care about you.” Aarohi inquires, “Can’t you sense my happiness? Are you jealous of me?” Akshu tells her to quit talking rubbish. Aarohi counters. She inquires as to why you are interfering in my matter and what your relationship is with them. You have no sensibility, according to Akshu, to understand my relationship with them. Manish exclaims, “Enough!” Dadi requests that they refrain from fighting. Aarohi suggests that you consider my happiness for a moment. She receives Neil’s call. She leaves a voice message. She says you can’t quarrel with your family, I can’t bear this sorrow, and I want to be free of it forever. Neil says, “No Aarohi.” She hangs up the phone. He dials her number. Aarohi believes I must persuade Neil to accomplish something significant. Neil notices a truck approaching and adjusts the steering. He is involved in an accident. Akshu is nearby. She dashes out to investigate. Neil, she exclaims. Rohan examines Neil in the hospital. She requests that Rohan cure Neil. Rohan says I’ll fetch the workers. Akshu listens to Aarohi’s recording. Neil advises Aarohi not to do anything. Akshu requests that Rohan look after Neil. Rohan claims that I contacted Abhi and that he would be arriving soon. She bolts. Abhi notices Akshu has bloodstains on her hand. He notices Neil. Harsh inquires as to when he became unconscious. Rohan tells them to relax because his tests are normal and he was brought here on time. Harsh inquires as to who brought him here. Akshu, says Abhi, saves everyone when they need it. Akshu sprints inside Aarohi’s room.

When she notices Aarohi listening to music, she takes off her headphones. Aarohi chastises her. Akshu accepts her. Dadi inquires as to what transpired. Akshu replies, “I told you all, Aarohi can like Neil but not love, what voice notes did you send him, you sent him suicide notes, he grew stressed and had an accident, you were listening to music and sleeping, he is unconscious in the hospital.” Aarohi claims that I did not threaten him, that I disclosed my suicide ideas, that I was having depression thoughts, so I took anti-depression pills, that I spoke to Neil and felt wonderful, that the moment passed, that I feel anxious, and that I don’t know what psychological problem happened. Akshu applauds, saying, “You proved it, I told you, Neil is unconscious there, you are telling about you, you didn’t ask about Neil, if you loved him, you would have run to him, you are a doctor and given us depression symptoms to support your false story, you don’t think about anyone but yourself.”

Aarohi claims that you all believe I am emotionless, that I was unaware of Neil’s accident, that Akshu squandered my time, and that I am going to meet Neil. Aarohi arrives to meet with Neil. She inquires about Neil with the doctor. He claims to be on the mend. She requests an update from him. She inquires if Mahima has arrived. He says sure, and she walks away. I will always be on your side, you can trust me, Aarohi says in an audio message to Mahima. Manjiri overhears Anand and Mahima discussing Neil’s accident. She wonders what happened to Neil and why no one tells her. Mahima says Neil is fine, nothing happened to him. Manjiri wonders how this happened. He believes we should tell Manjiri everything since she has a right to know. Mahima informs her of everything.

Harsh says, “I don’t know what would have happened if Akshu hadn’t gotten Neil here on time.” “I felt glad hearing what you said about Akshu,” Harsh says. “I have realised this late, whatever you achieve in life, money, position, and success, it doesn’t give you stability; only lady luck does, and only a lady can balance her family, like Akshu.” Abhi thinks about Akshu.

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