Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Abhi calling and thanking Akshu. If you are truly grateful, she adds, stop Neil and Aarohi’s marriage from taking place; this marriage isn’t good for them or their families; do everything except stop this marriage; please, promise me that you will support me. I promise, he says. Take care, she says. He also mentions you. Akshu says, “I hope Abhi talked to Neil this morning.” When she sees Abhi at the door, she is taken aback. He claims I obtained shagun for Neil and Aarohi’s relationship. She claims that they spoke yesterday and that you assured her that you would back her in ending their marriage because Neil and Aarohi aren’t a good match. He claims that this is a love problem. Abhi is seen conversing to Neil on Facebook. He says, “I’m extremely sorry for not supporting you; I realise it’s wrong for you.” Neil comes to. Abhi checks his pulse and asks, “Relax, your numbers are okay, and are you in any discomfort or pain?” Neil inquires about Aarohi’s well-being. Yes, says Abhi. Neil apologises, I have to live my life experiences, I will be hurt, learn, and understand, but I have to do this myself, you can support me, if anything goes wrong, it will be my destiny, if it is right, it will be my fate, we can just try this, when I am with Aarohi, I feel complete and perfect, I love her very much, please support me. Facebook is shutting down.

Abhi claims Neil adores Aarohi, but I don’t care if she does; I adore him. Think again, adds Akshu, it’s like a painkiller, it’s not a solution for any problem, treat the problem. Abhi claims you did the same thing, leaving me to save my hand. What’s the point if this is proven to be incorrect for Neil? We can’t decide for Neil and Aarohi; we can only prevent them from making a mistake. Nishta and Manjiri arrive. Manjiri mocks Akshu. She claims that those who can’t handle their own relationships have no right to make decisions for others. She requests that Abhi contact everyone. Abhi summons them. Everyone enters the hall. Manjiri apologises for coming this far. She explains why they should embrace the alliance. Manish apologises for his refusal to join this partnership. Aarohi steps in. He halts her. He says we may try to make things normal between the families, but anyone who believes we can have a relationship again is mistaken. Abhi expresses regret to him.

Manish says it hurts a lot, especially Akshu, and that we can’t try again. Abhi is stopped by Manjiri. She claims that the relationships had broken down, that both families had broken down, that we had lost a lot, that we came here for the children’s happiness, that Neil and Aarohi love each other, and that this attempt was our mature act, not any selfish move, that it was your wish. Suwarna comes to a halt and accepts the shagun. Suwarna, says Manish. Suwarna adds that husband and wife should support each other. I understand that when it comes to her daughter’s happiness, a mother can go against the world. She instructs Manjiri to get ready for the tilak. She claims she’ll bring Aarohi to your house tomorrow even if no one else shows up. Manjiri beams. She asks them to meet her at Birla’s house at 10 a.m. Abhi and Manjiri go away. Akshu notices Aarohi’s smile. Mahima claims that Manjiri took the shagun with Abhi, and that Goenkas will re-connect with our family; this is absurd. Anand says, “I don’t want to think about it any longer; it’s pointless to talk to them.” She insists that we stay in this house. He says, “I’m handling management, leaving surgery, don’t bother me any further, let them do whatever they want, I don’t care.” He leaves. She claims that Goenkas has sworn to cause us difficulties.

Trust Akshu when he says, “You know I love Aarohi.” Suwarna claims you once trusted Aarohi. Akshu claims I wanted to trust her, and Aarohi desired Birla House authority; how can I ignore this? Suwarna says, “Love exists in the world; I will arrive at the Birla house tomorrow; you chose whether or not to come; stop agitating the family against Aarohi.”

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