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The episode begins with Aarohi saying, “Well tried, Akshu, but my beloved sister, learn to accept defeat, you tried hard, but see, my shagun plate is in puja, my tilak will happen, and I have to prepare.” Akshu claims it is a matter of right and wrong; Abhi stepped back for Neil’s happiness; I will not. Neil is approached by Abhi. Neil inquires as to what transpired. Abhi requests that he first obtain medications. Congratulations on your love, he says. Neil inquires if they agreed. Abhi says it’s your tilak tomorrow. Neil hugs him and adds, “I’m very thrilled for you, Neil.” Abhi believes I know Akshu loves Aarohi a lot, and Akshu will never say anything negative about Aarohi without a reason. I just hope Akshu and I are incorrect, and your and Aarohi’s love is correct. Harsh and Manjiri are watching. He adds, “I know you and Abhi aren’t sure, but I determined this for Neil.” He says, “It’s funny that fate is bringing two individuals who aren’t right for each other, and those who aren’t perfect for each other aren’t coming close.” Dadi visits Manish. He claims that because this family is my duty, I should be able to handle it. He discusses all of the children’s problems. Dadi says don’t battle the circumstance; sometimes the waves bring us to the shore, but we sink while attempting to swim; just go with the flow; if it goes as you wish, that’s great; if not, take it as Lord’s will; tilak is scheduled for tomorrow, and we’ll be there. He concurs. Akshu observes.

Anand claims you made a major decision without consulting us, Manjiri. Mahima claims you formed a new relationship with that family. Manjiri apologises, “I couldn’t talk,” but such difficult decisions are made alone and suddenly, and no one can be pleased when children are unhappy. Mahima claims you have witnessed the outcome of Kairav and Anisha’s relationship. Manjiri says we can’t get caught up in the past; we must prepare for the future, including Neil’s tilak. Parth says, “It’s crazy, one relationship is breaking and another is blossoming with the family.” Harsh claims that we ought to be content with this as well. Anand wonders why we can’t find happiness. Abhi takes a seat on Manjiri’s lap. He claims that I am attempting to improve my relationships with my family and brother. Manjiri says you should have improved your relationship with Akshu, Mahima told me everything, and for once, think of yourself. She walks away.

Neil and Aarohi communicate via video call. She claims that our families agreed. Neil inquires as to what gibberish you sent such a voice note. She apologises. He chastises her. She smiles and apologises. He inquires, “How shall I persuade the family that I thought about abandoning everything and coming to you?” She says, “We expected our families to respond like way.” She says, “Calm down now, they agreed now, promise me you would never leave your family and that house.” I promise, he says. She claims Akshu was perplexed by our relationship, until Abhi arrived with the shagun. He claims to have planned my life; I wish he had planned his as well. Abhi rushes outside and runs into Akshu.

Akshu apologises for coming this way, we had to meet but couldn’t come inside, so I asked staff to call you, why don’t you trust me, I wanted to tell you the truth, I was going to tell you Kairav’s truth, I told you Aarohi’s truth as well, you didn’t trust me, why, you trust Aarohi and Neil’s relationship but not ours, everyone said we are best for each other, our relationship is perfect He asks, “Did you give me a reason to believe you?” She says, “I knew it, thanks,” and that she had faith that she would get an answer from you. She walks away. Aarohi says, “I’ll wear Naira’s outfit; it’s old-fashioned, but I’ll change it.” No, says Akshu, it will look better if you wear it this way; otherwise, you may have many possibilities. Abhi is shopping at the mall. The man replies we’ll change it, thank you, and I’ll get the bill. Abhi notices Aarohi wearing Naira’s outfit. Aarohi requests that the lady change the dress. Abhi claims it’s Naira’s clothing, which Akshu had shown me. Aarohi suggests shortening the sleeves. Abhi claims it’s Akshu’s favourite outfit. The lady says, “Come, I’ll show you the latest designs for change.” Abhi takes the dress and walks away.

Aarohi wonders where my outfit went. The lady says it’s here; sorry, I’ll show you the current designs at a 60% discount. Okay, says Aarohi, but what will I say at home? Akshu receives the box. Staff claims Abhi gave this to them. Akshu examines the outfit and makes a noteā€¦. Our relationship has turned pale, but I know that your relationship with Naira is strong; this isn’t just a dress, but a relationship that must be maintained. She says, “What should I do? You saved my mother’s clothes.” She hugs the gown. Aarohi displays the gown. Suwarna says you mentioned you were going to wear Naira’s outfit, therefore it’s a good thing you didn’t change it and listened to Akshu. Aarohi confirms, “I kept the outfit safe.” Suwarna thinks it’s lovely. Aarohi receives a phone call. Suwarna believes it is Neil’s decision. Aarohi collides with Akshu and walks away. Suwarna says it’s love, and Aarohi blushes when she hears Neil’s name. Akshu goes to investigate. Aarohi returns Atul’s call and expresses gratitude for drafting the paperwork. He claims we are classmates. She claims that no one should be aware of the marriage contract. He says you must have Neil sign this. She responds, “I’ll make him sign it anyway, thanks,” and that her life is now in order. Akshu asks, “What documents are she talking about?” I need to find out what her goal is.

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