Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th October 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Akshu and Abhi remembering Aarohi and Neil. He claims that he has no idea what to do. Akshu says, “I’m feeling stressed, who should I share this with, will you listen to me?” They both consider phoning each other. He says I can’t call you right now because my words will be worthless. He like sweets. She consumes methi dana. Dadi deflects Aarohi’s terrible vision. Aarohi inquires about my appearance. Dadi believes that when a guy is pleased, he appears lovely. Akhilesh instructs Kairav to inspect the shagun envelops. Vansh wishes Aarohi the best of luck. Aarohi recalls the doctors’ coat and thinks it was always in my fate. They notice someone. Neil’s hair is combed by Abhi, who declares, “Done, perfect.” Neil states, “I know no one is pleased with this.” Abhi says she doesn’t know whether Akshu will come or not, and she isn’t happy with this relationship. Manish and Akshu are seen by Aarohi. I don’t want to be late, she says. Kairav suggests to ignore everything and do this, even if it means going to jail. Stop, Dadi says. Manish wishes Aarohi the best. She claims that you should have blessed me. She mocks Akshu. Akshu says you’ve been teasing me since I was a child, you taught me how to deal with it, it’s okay, keep happy, I can’t be a part of this, I know your intentions behind this marriage, I won’t let your plan succeed, best wishes. Suwarna summons Aarohi. Akshu prevents the plate from collapsing. Her bracelet becomes entangled in the fabric. Dadi states that one who has someone with whom to share happiness and another who shares their happiness with someone, you can be a part of the happy whenever you want. They depart.

Anand and Parth observe Abhi as she checks the arrangements. Anand says we can’t talk about fate, Abhi is attempting to file for divorce, and he is joyfully marrying Neil and Aarohi. Abhi asks Manjiri to check on everything. She declines. The phone of the servant rings. Abhi hears his ringtone and asks, “Who are you waiting for?” He takes a look at the door. The shagun is given to servants. Abhi takes Akshu’s bracelet and asks, “What should I think?” Aarohi and Goenkas show up. Manjiri and Harsh greet them. Neil approaches and greets them. Mahima mocks Kairav for showing up. Abhi says we’ll talk later. Nishta inquires as to why Akshu did not appear. Manjiri invites them in. Abhi wonders why you sent this mail indicating your impending arrival.

Dadi inquires about Shivansh, noting that I have toys for him. Shefali thanks you; he isn’t feeling well and is upstairs with Nanny; I will give him the toys. Neil thanks everyone who came. Aarohi expresses gratitude for making this decision and agreeing for our sake. Harsh claims that everything is happening in a hurry; if we had more time, it would have been better. Dadi believes that we must improve the situation. Abhi’s heart is beating. Akshara, he says… He turns to see Akshu approaching. Ek ladki ko dekha to….plays….

Everyone notices Akshu. Mahima inquires as to why you are astonished. Akshu claims the ring was left at home. Suwarna confirms, “Yes, we forgot it at home; thank you for getting it.” Dadi claims she came on my advice. Akshu recalls giving Manish a cup of tea. She considers finding out what papers Aarohi is producing. She dials Atul’s number and introduces herself as Aarohi Goenka. The man claims that Atul stated that he would deliver the paperwork to the Birla home; he will meet you outside and provide the documents. Akshu expresses gratitude. She believes I will go there to find out. She notices the ring box on the floor. She expresses gratitude to Kanha. She apologises, but she is doing this for the right reasons. She says I have to go to Birla house to give shagun ring.

Neil instructs them to add tadka to the tilak. Anand and Mahima request that he keep romance under check. Nishta requests that Neil and Aarohi combine their palm impressions for their first official welcome. Everyone applauds. Aarohi receives a phone call. She claims it is an emergency. Neil says it’s fine, everyone here is in the medical field, and I’m sure they’ll understand. Aarohi is talking to Atul when she notices Akshu behind her. She deceives Akshu about her fancy attire. Akshu claims that you lie so convincingly. Aarohi advises against starting it again. Akshu promises that he will reveal the truth about the papers.

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