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The episode begins with Akshu saying, “I’m sorry, Abhi, I didn’t realise you were taking anxiety and sleeping drugs.” Abhi believes I need to apologise for a number of things. They both speak and see one other via their hearts. Shivansh sobs. Abhi tells him to relax. She asks if I want to try. She holds Shivansh in her arms and sings Kanha re…. Shivansh finally stops sobbing. He is put to sleep by her. Mahima says we’ll make the rasam right now. Aarohi beams. Dadi assures me that everything will be alright. Neil inquires about the whereabouts of Abhi and Akshu. Suwarna wonders where they went.

Manjiri believes I wish they were together and discussing. Abhi is sleeping on Akshu’s lap. She sings a song. Manjiri observes. She believes Akshu is the most important to Abhi, thus he slept peacefully in her lap; Akshu is very important to him. She closes the doors and walks away. Aarohi appears and greets them. She tells you that you can relax afterwards. Abhi stands up. Everyone is waiting for my ceremony, she says. She walks away. Shivansh’s toys are given to Nanny. Akshu leaves. Abhi is not far behind. Manjiri announces that everyone has arrived and that we will begin the rasam.

Aarohi keeps her phone in that spot. Mahima does her aarti. Akshu picks up Aarohi’s phone and reads Atul’s message: “I will send the papers in a day or two, don’t worry, the papers are exactly what you wanted.” She wonders what those papers are about. Aarohi shows Akshu the bangles. Anand, Mahima says, I’ll steal their smile; they’ll be back in jail shortly. She claims she has to give you a surprise because the marriage mahurat is in three days. Everyone is surprised that it is only three days. Manjiri claims I didn’t complete anything. Mahima says we’ll make it official right now. Aarohi considers having Neil sign the papers.

Akhilesh says Kairav’s hearing is tomorrow; we’ll talk about it afterwards. Mahima claims that I will obtain justice for my daughter. Goenkas has left. Mahima claims that I will have them punished for their actions tomorrow. Abhi receives a message. He goes outside and runs into Kairav.

He wants him to explain why he called. Kairav says my fate will be decided tomorrow; it is not in my hands, but your and Akshu’s relationship is in your hands; your wrath is justified, but Akshu’s love was genuine; Akshu wanted to send this to you but couldn’t. He hands you a box and says, “Check it carefully, you will gain aid understanding her, don’t tell her I gave you this, it’s her personal things, I genuinely want you both to be fine forever.” He walks away. Come home, Goenkas. Manish is given sweets by Aarohi. He chooses to ignore. She walks away. Suwarna reports that the celebration went well and that they have a wedding date.

Manish says, “I want to produce something for you all since I don’t know what will happen tomorrow.” He leaves. Suwarna sobs. Akshu comforts her. Suwarna claims I upset Manish; what should I do, I’m also a mother? We will not give up, declares Akshu. Suwarna is hugged by her. Akshu goes through the greeting cards and reads his own words. He double-checks her letters, his sketch, and their photographs. Rooh daariyan… plays…

He gets an mp3 recorder and listens to the audio. He notices Akshu’s distress and sobs. She says, I love you a lot, I went far away from you but for your sake, I know you’re angry, but once I hug you, your anger will melt, I know you’ll never doubt my intentions, I’m waiting to meet you, I love you a lot, I know you love you a lot, you’ll understand why I did that, please trust me, I love you.

Akshu dials Kunal’s number. She says I can’t approach Kunal and Maaya because I need to acquire proof to save Kairav; what should I do? I’ll look into Aarohi’s case later. Suwarna requests that Aarohi speak with Neil in order to save Kairav and Manish. Aarohi responds, “I already spoke with Neil; I don’t want anyone imprisoned; I know they are innocent.” Neil promises to speak with his family. Suwarna says she wishes they will listen to Neil. Neil is scolded by Mahima. She claims that we will not forgive Goenkas. Neil requests that they pay attention. Anand claims that you are siding with them, that my daughter will be given justice, and that Goenkas will be punished. Abhi enters and says, “I also think we should reconsider this subject, I’m not saying I loved and cared for Anisha more, I also want justice for her, think about it, what will we do if we form a new relationship with them.” Mahima adds, “I didn’t expect this from you; I will chose Anisha above Neil’s marriage; and I will not withdraw this case.”

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