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Abhi recalls Akshu’s statements at the beginning of the episode. He asserts proof. To Manjiri he goes. I should have understood her; I betrayed her trust; she had put her trust in me that I would trust her when she came and gave me a hug; and I couldn’t talk to you because you were in a coma. He then asks if anyone can be right and become wrong. I have either become wrong or did I mistake wrong for right. Please calm yourself, Manjiri advises; the past is the past; there is nothing we can do to change it; you forget her; this is the end of the problem; Akshu was your past; your divorce papers will be stamped; just move on. What are you saying, do you suppose I’ll act in the opposite way? He queries. She says you need yourself, that you must deal with this confusion on your own. When Abhi and Akshu call each other, the phone lines are busy.

Akshu claims that I truly did keep the proof in your room; please attempt to locate it. Abhi claims that if she said she left the proof, it will be there and I will locate it. Shefali goes out and fetches a blanket for Shivansh. She obtains another for Abhi. Abhi searches for evidence. She inquires if there is a raid going on and what you are looking for. He says, “I’m looking to see if there’s anything to throw away.” She says your quilt is being dry cleaned, so you should use this one. He thanks her and departs. Pendrive is dropped there. Parth takes out the pendrive and adds, “This contains the proof; how did this get here?” Abhi asks where the proof is. He also checks his room. He claims it was misplaced, that someone else would have found it, and that my family isn’t one to remove or conceal evidence. He isn’t aware of the shirt.

Manish says, “Let’s start, I’m not a poor cook, what happened, please start. I want to have dinner with everyone for the last time. I’ll be positive. My children have grown up and are making their own decisions. I want to take pleasant memories with me. Thanks to Kanha, Akshu. We are fortunate to eat together, she continues, so please keep us together. Mahima receives the pendrive from Parth. Mahima claims that I had this buried under the blanket; where did it go? He replies, “I’m not sure. She claims there is a white shirt inside that blanket, and we need to find it before we are discovered. Parth claims that we messed up, that the truth will come out when the time comes, and that one truth is enough to disprove a hundred lies. Abhi takes the shirt and places it in the closet. Akshu notices that everyone is depressed. She obtains her guitar. She begs them not to give up until the findings are in. She promises that we will not lose, that we will speak and think positively, and who knows, maybe it will come true. Life is beautiful, she sings. She encourages them.

Akshu prays in the morning. Abhi is dressed in a shirt. Please Kanha, Akshu says only you can bring the truth out. Abhi discovers the ripped button and takes the white shirt. He ignores the message and continues to wear it. He walks out of his room. Akshu notices the family’s sadness. She makes a prayer to Kanha ji. A large mirror is taken by a servant. Abhi stops him and walks away. Suwarna suggests going to the police station. Aarohi becomes depressed. Dadi says Suwarna went against Manish to support you; remember this always. Akshu is also concerned about your relationship with Neil; don’t do anything, don’t betray Suwarna’s trust; it’s time to go to the police station.

Dadi gives Manish the curd and assures him that we will not give up hope. What did the lawyer say to Aarohi regarding the chances? Akshu does not sign anything. She then goes to pray for a miracle. They notice Abhi standing at the door. Akshu inquires as to why you have come here, if you intend to hold a news conference and falsely accuse. The police arrive. Suwarna inquires as to why he summoned them. Abhi invites the reporters in. Akhilesh says he’ll perform another drama. Akshu remembers. Birlas arrive. Akshu says, “We were on our way to the police station; what was the point of doing this drama?”

Abhi takes off his jacket. The message inscribed on his back is visible to everyone. Mahima wonders where he got this garment. Parth gives her a look. Akshu is overjoyed. Abhi adds, “The previous time I phoned you all, I called to have Kairav arrested; this time, I called to tell you that Kairav is innocent.” Mahima inquires. We are abandoning our complaint because Abhi claims that all of the accusations levelled against Kairav and Manish are baseless. Akshu and Goenkas joyfully weep. Inspector says you can’t just dismiss the case; it’s a murder case against Kairav, and Manish is accused of assisting him; do you have proof? Abhi displays the pendrive. He claims that this confirms Kairav’s innocence. He watches the video on his laptop. Abhi claims that this video proves Anisha slid, that Kaiav did not push her, but rather asked her to come down, that the media received the breaking news, that the law got the proof, that I want the media to write the truth, that the law support the truth, and that you may leave. He hands the pendrive over to the inspector. The police and media leave. Akshu claims I left this proof in your room and has no idea where it is now. Abhi claims you were always correct; I didn’t get the proof at the time, but it was shown to me today.

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