Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th October 2022 episode written update

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Abhi recalls seeing the statement on the shirt in the mirror at the beginning of the episode. He takes off his shirt to read Akshu’s message. He recalls her words. He asks where the proof is…. He is concerned. Parth appears and hands him the pendrive. He claims that this is proof of Kairav’s innocence, that Akshu left the shirt and pendrive, that mom got this first and concealed it, that she begged me to burn the pendrive but I couldn’t, that I didn’t have the confidence to provide this earlier, that you can now save Kairav and Manish. Abhi wipes his tears away and puts on the shirt. He removes the pendrive. He is dressed in a jacket. Mahima inquires whether we should go to the police station. No, says Abhi, we’ll take the cops and the journalists to Goenka’s residence. Harsh inquires as to why. Abhi promises that we would put an end to this turmoil. Mahima claims that we would disgrace them once more. Facebook is shutting down.

Mahima, says Anand… Abhi tells Akshu, “I have to talk to you, it takes time, I will straighten everything out today, the drama began here and will end here today.” He turns to Mahima and says you are my Tai ji and Maasi, I always gave you a benefit of doubt, how did you do this, Anisha left us, we all were hurt, you were angry and hurt, I understand your feelings, when you got the proof of Kairav’s innocence, what did you do with that proof, you had hid it, you did it in all your senses, because you had to do this, will you send any innocent person to jail, Akshu shouted about the proof, you hid it, you forgot the ethics, you are a doctor, its your duty to save lives, you tried to take someone’s life, you should have learnt ethics of humanity. He thanks Parth for giving the pendrive.

He warns, however, that your mistake in concealing the proof until now cannot be pardoned. He inquires whether Mahima feels guilty. He claims, “I acquired the proof, I took back the case, and you will apologise to Kairav, Manish, Akshu, and the entire family.” Kairav is a trauma patient as a result of you, Manish had to go to jail, my family lost their smile, our lives were devastated as a result of you, what did you gain from this, we will feel better if you apologise. Say apologise, says Abhi. Please apologise right now, urges Manjiri. She also requests that Parth apologise. Parth apologises profusely. It’s your turn now, according to Abhi.

Mahima claims I will not apologise. He says you have to apologise. She says, “I’m not sorry; I’m sorry to you, Abhi, but I’m not sorry to Goenkas.” She walks away. He claims this isn’t right, that one proof could have solved everything, and that you are to blame for everything. Birlas go. From Mahima’s perspective, Manjiri begs forgiveness. Neil and Harsh are both remorseful. They also depart. Abhi adds, “Enough with the rage; I want to lose and confront Akshu.” He notices Akshu. She remembers everything and sobs. Abhi apologises and sits at Manish’s feet.

Everyone becomes depressed. Kairav embraces Abhi. He exclaims, “You saved my entire life from disaster today, thank you, and thank you to Akshu as well, I got saved due of you both.” Abhi apologises profusely and hugs him. Everyone is in tears. Manish said you did us a favour, and we will remember that, but don’t expect anything else in return. He claims that we can forget what happened to Kairav and myself, but not one thing. Abhi claims I didn’t believe Akshu. Manish introduces himself as Akshara, and thanks you for what you done today, Abhimanyu. Abhi departs. I’ll call you, says Akshu. Hame tumse pyar kitna….plays…

Mahima is scolded by Manjiri. Mahima requests that she maintain proper demeanour. Manjiri says that if you hadn’t thought of it, Kairav’s life and family would have been wrecked. Parth is asked how he can help his mother. Mahima had had enough. Harsh asks, “Enough already, you’re a doctor, how can you wreck someone’s life?” Manjiri claims, “I never discriminated between the children; you couldn’t become a nice mother and aunt; you didn’t understand you were doing wrong; you were damaging Abhi’s life as well; Abhi and Akshu’s relationship became entangled as a result of this.” Harsh claims you are aware of his personal crisis. Abhi doesn’t trust Akshu, and Mahima has left him. Yes, replies Manjiri, but we could have managed it.

Mahima is correct when she claims they will never be compatible. Abhi will arrive shortly. He is waiting for Akshu’s phone call. Mahima claims, “I buried the facts because I lost my daughter and know this anguish; I want vengeance, and I want Kairav imprisoned now.” Anand requests that Mahima stop talking. Mahima couldn’t understand Anisha and Abhi, so how can she grasp their happiness, according to Manjiri. Mahima yells and raises her hand. Manjiri takes her hand in his. She says enough, that stillness is sometimes misinterpreted as weakness, that it is critical to dispel the misconception, and that she will no longer be silent. Abhi returns home and sees his family.

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