Ajooni 1st November 2022 episode written update

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The episode starts with Harman informs Ajooni that she would like to open a bank account for Aman. She hands over her documents. She requests that she obtain Aman’s signature on the papers. Ajooni departs with papers from there. Chamko purposefully collides with Ajooni and alters the papers. Ajooni enters Aman’s room. Aman informs her that she told him so much in rage. Ajooni tells her that’s great. She instructs her to sign the bank documents. Harvinder calls Ajooni and speaks to her in a different tone of voice in order to divert her. Aman executes the divorce papers.

Harvinder arrives and compliments Ajooni on her acting. He expresses gratitude to her for assisting him. Ajooni inquires as to why he is praising her. He claims that Ajooni signed the divorce papers with Aman’s signature. Hearing him, Aman and Ajooni are taken aback. Harvinder informs Ajooni that their task is complete and she is not required to act. He informs Aman that he will no longer be in a relationship with her. Aman begs him not to abandon her. He informs her that she abandoned him by divorcing him. She tells him she can’t read and just signed because Ajooni begged her to. He tells her he doesn’t care about any of that. He says that he can marry Shikha now and leaves from there.

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Harman wonders what all of this is about. Ajooni informs her that the latter provided her the papers. Harman informs her that she has given her bank papers. She inquires as to how the divorce papers arrived. Ajooni informs her that she knows nothing. Harman tells Aman that she never expected Ajooni to do such a thing. Aman questions Ajooni on why she did this. Harman claims Ajooni did this for the home key. Aman hands Ajooni the house key. She requests that Harman halt the divorce proceedings. Ajooni begs Aman to believe her. She claims they can fight in court. Aman yells at her and tells her she must leave. Ajooni walks out of the room.

Harvinder is getting ready to leave the house. But Ajooni intervenes. She questions him on why he done all of this. He admits that he is to blame for everything. He warns her that no one will believe her and departs. Aman is perplexed as to why Ajooni done this. Harman instigates her against Ajooni. She tells her to keep her identity as Malkin. She requests that she reside in this house in order to get revenge on Ajooni. She reminds her that Ravinder also granted her permission to stay in the house after Harvinder and Shikha’s marriage. Aman threatens her with retaliation against Ajooni.

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Rajveer informs his pals about the problem. His companion claims that everything is happening because of Guru Maharaj. Rajveer concurs with him. They resolve to use PA to discover the truth. On the other hand, PA informs Bebe that the party meeting will take place at the Bagga residence. Bebe requests that Aman prepare food. Aman gives Ajooni and Chamko orders. Ravinder later stops his guests from eating. He sends them to the farm home to consume non-vegetarian food. He inquires of Ajooni and Aman as to who prepared the meal.

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