Anandiba Aur Emily 1st November 2022 episode written update

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Aarav scolded Jaman for not informing him about Emily’s visa troubles. Jaman claims that he attempted to inform him in the morning. Payal says that they informed Riddhi of the situation, and that she should have informed him as well. Jaman claims that Gunjan brainwashed Riddhi and that she has revealed her true colours.

Jaman advises that they register their marriage in court in order to keep Emily from being jailed. They go to court, but the registrar refuses to perform it right away, saying it will take 10 days. He claims he can do it immediately if Anandiba instructs him to.

Riddhi informs Gunjan that Aarav has threatened to reveal her identity. Gunjan says she’ll cope with it her own way. Aarav arrives at the registrar’s office and offers the registrar their hotel for his daughter’s wedding. The Registrar accepts and quickly completes the registration processes.

Pinky discovers the marriage contract and notifies Gunjan. Gunjan contacts Aarav and informs him that the contract paper is with her. She threatens him and warns him not to annoy her. While Aarav wonders how Gunjan obtained the papers, Jaman recommends that they instead target Pinky. Aarav accepts and tells Jaman about the plan.

Jaman enters Jamuna’s room and, using Gunjan’s phone, hurriedly messages Pinky to come and meet Gunjan. Pinky becomes ecstatic as she awaits good news from Gunjan. Gunjan is terrified to see her and orders her to go immediately. Riddhi listens in on Gunjan’s chat with Pinky while she discusses her plan with her, and she understands she is duping her. She confronts Gunjan, telling her that she is nothing short of a chameleon. Gunjan responds by saying that she is no saint.

Gunjan boasts that she has been duping Ba for a long time. She also claims to be the source of her and Emily’s difficulties. She professes to being the main driver behind it all that goes horribly wrong in the house.

Ba enters the room with Aarav and Emily. Gunjan’s family is now aware of the truth. Gunjan attempts to escape, but Aarav stops her and questions why she did all of this. Gunjan admits her error and seeks forgiveness. Aarav and Emily beg Ba’s forgiveness. Agaya poses for a photo with the Sangani family.

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