Anupama 2nd November 2022 episode written update

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Anupama and Anuj arrive home with Adhik and Pakhi. When Barkha sees Adhik and Pakhi as bride and groom, she panics and destroys the vase. She yells at Adhik, “How dare you!” Little Anu is sent to her room by Anuj. Barkha exclaims, “How dare they both come here!” Anuj suggests that we go in and speak. Barkha says they’ll talk right there. Ankush requests that he not create drama. People are speculating that her brother eloped and married, and Vanraj kicked them out of the house, says Barkha.

Adhik expresses regret. Barkha warns them that their marriage would not last a year and that Pakhi will shed blood tears every day. Anupama steps in. Barkha claims she is telling the truth; this marriage will not last since Adhik has a strong stake in it. Adhik yells, “Stop!” A boy who goes out with a new girl every day, says Barkha, can never be loyal. Adhik claims that was in the past, and Pakhi is in the present. Barkha believes that someone else will be his future.

Barkha goes on to say that she raised Adhik as if he were her own son, and that if he cannot be loyal to her, he would never be devoted to Pakhi. She warns Adhik and Pakhi to leave the Kapadia residence. Anupama says she and Anuj brought them in here, accepting responsibility for them; we can’t leave them on the road, so they’ll stay at the Kapadia residence. Anuj adds, “For the sake of God, let us go inside for now.” Ankush and Barkha enter. Anuj cautions Adhik and Pakhhi not to forget that they were given sanctuary but not forgiveness, and that they should not exhibit their displeasure in his presence because Barkha’s anger is justified. He requests that they at least try to obtain blessings from Barkha.

Adhik and Barkha walk into the house. No, says Barkha. Adhik hugs Barkha and tells her he had no choice but to marry Pakhi. Barkha claims she does not require his justification. Anuj believes Barkha’s rage is justified, but she should cool down and bless the newlywed couple. Barkha declares that she would never bless them. She warns Pakhi that she will neither curse nor bless her because she totally trusted Adhik, who will breach her trust one day and realise that she made a terrible mistake by marrying Adhik within 6 months. Adhik begs to be stopped. Barkha yells, “Shut up!” Ankush requests that she refrain from breaking into her brother’s home. Barkha asserts that their marriage will not reach its first anniversary.

Anuj requests that Adhik accompany Pakhi to his room. He says time will punish them for their mistake, but parents cannot curse them; he says they should prove Barkha wrong by continuing their marriage for a long time; they tried to win over their family and were defeated, but family should be won with love; they lost one family and are attempting to regain the trust of the other family. They both place their hands on Anupama’s feet. Anupama begs God to grant them conscience. Barkha sobs as she recalls caring for her brother as if he were her own son and always keeping him with her, but today he married her without informing her; her brother used to support her, but today he went against her for Pakhi; she had so many hopes for Adhik’s marriage, but he shattered them all.

Anupama claims that elders demonstrated their eldership, Anuj accepted their responsibility, and they should respect Anuj’s decision. She claims that if parents choose an alliance and an issue emerges, they will be blamed, but in Adhik and Pakhi’s situation, they should be blamed. She delivers a lengthy speech about the importance of things and how they used to repair broken items rather than replace them. She claims that problems would arise in their marriage and that they should resolve them peacefully. Pakhi and Adhik promise not to bother Anuj and Anupama and to be responsible. Pakhi expresses regret to Anupama. Anupama says her forgiveness isn’t important right now because they need to decide what to do next. She informs Anuj that he brought them here at Hasmukh’s request and that he is responsible for them. She enters inside her room, feeling nervous as she recalls the events of the day.

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