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Anupama should understand her as a mother, says Pakhi. Why should only a mother understand, Pakhi always insults and hurts as she is not a stone, says Anuj. Ankush says everyone’s anger is accepted but this is not the right time to talk, so go to your room and take a rest. Adhik and Pakhi go away. Anuj tells Ankush that he is tired physically and mentally. Ankush says I know, but you and Anupama should handle this, he added. Anuj says I took the whole responsibility as a head, but now I’m scared that couldn’t handle this situation. Anuj tells Ankush to calm down Brakha and he goes to his room.

Ankush takes Pakhi to his room. He gave her chocolate, he tells her that I wanted to bring her by lifting, but after lifting heavy suitcases, I didn’t have the bravery to lift her. They wished each other their marriage. Anu has a nervous breakdown and little Anu is crying in the Canopy, Anuj is found when he enters his room. He lay by her side and consoled her. Samar consoles Vanraj and says never to elope and marry.

Vanraj says he couldn’t tolerate this and he added he should do whatever he felt is right, Samar nods his head. Vanraj says leave me alone for some time. Pakhi felt guilty that the two families had not been excused us. Adhik says Anuj will convince them and asks her do you feel hungry? she says Yes. He left there to bring food. She looks at her mangalsutra and sindhoor and smiles, remembering Barkha’s challenge she felt sad.

Anupama tells Anuj that Pakhi small girl and she took the decision in a hurry, she doesn’t know the truth and harshness of life. Anuj says don’t worry they will give a job to Adhik and let Pakhi continue her studies. Pakhi is not interested in studies from the beginning itself and she will stop studies, says Anupama. Ankush asks why Barkha is accepting Adhik and Pakhi’s marriage. Barkha says I know about Adhik, he continuously changes his girlfriends and he could leave Pakhi also after the honeymoon period is completed. Ankush says Adhik may change completely, and she worrying unnecessarily. They don’t have money but Anuj or Anupama have more money and power, her brother is supporting her says Barkha.

Adhik cooks and feeds Pakhi waffles. Anupama asks Anuj if they can trust Adhik because he knows him better than she does. Anuj claims that if they can’t take their own guarantee, how can they accept someone else’s assurance, and that the future is predictable. Ankush warns Barkha that things may change, that Anupama and Anuj may persuade the Shah family to approve Adhik and Pakhi’s marriage, and that she should not cause any problems. Barkha claims Adhik will cause the problem, not her. Pakhi informs Adhik that she does not regret marrying him without alerting their family and that she would have died if he had not been there. She expresses gratitude for his assistance. Anuj informs Anupama that they should execute Adhik and Pakhi’s marriage in the same manner that Anupama did Kinjal and Toshu’s marriage; they should repair children’s mistakes and allow them to begin their new life with the blessings of the elders. Anupama claims that her mind is blank at the moment and that she trusts his choice. He consoles her and recites a poem about a new beginning tomorrow and how she should relax in his arm until then.

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