Anupama 4th November 2022 episode written update

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Anupama makes little Anu sleep. Adhik and Pakhi decide to sleep separately until their family members accept them. Pakhi praises him and says I respect you a lot. Adhik tells Pakhi to talk with Anupama, and Pakhi accepted to talk with Anupama. Anupama says to Adhik that she will sleep with Anu for some time. Pakhi says to Anupama even though you are here I feel I am alone and asks Anupama to pamper her like little Anu. Anupama hugs her and cries and made her sleep. Anuj notices all these by standing at door.

The next morning Vanraj goes to Pakhi by listening to loud music and asks to stop it. He recalls the incident that happened before the day and shouts to stop the music. Samar says it is playing in the car outside. He touches Vanraj’s feet and wishes him Saal Mubarak/Happy New Year. Vanraj also touches his elder’s feet. Vanraj will get his Maami/aunt very soon jokes Jignesh. Toshu returns home and wishes everyone Saal Mubarak and says I heard about Pakhi. Leela says it is good that you came. Toshu says he can’t believe that Pakhi made the same mistake that I did.

Meanwhile, Anupama feeds breakfast to little Anu and says she has 4 days of college holidays. Ankush tells Anuj about their business meeting. Pakhi wears a saree and walks with Adhik. Little Anu wishes them Happy New Year and says she has already taken blessings. Anuj, Ankush, and GK wishes bless them, while Barkha says she won’t bless anyone. Anupama stops them from touching her feet and blesses them. Adhik gives his resume to Anuj and pleads for him to recommend a job for him. Anuj thinks about the type of job that suits Adhik. Pakhi and Adhik thanks Anuj. Argument starts and Anupama stops them saying today is New Year. Anuj tells them that I and Anupama will go to the Shah family today to discuss.

While the Shah family takes breakfast calmly, Toshu asks them to cheer up. Vanraj says each and every festival was celebrated by Pakhi and they are discussing how much they are missing Pakhi. Kavya asks Vanraj why he won’t forgive Pakhi. Vanraj says I don’t know and leaves. Samar and Toshu follows him to comfort him. Vanraj is looking at his and Pakhi’s pictures sadly. Toshu and Samar discuss how much he loved Pakhi and he knows that she also loved him so much. Toshu says Adhik went against his family to live with Pakhi. Samar also try to convince him to accept Adhik.

Adhik happily selecting a dress for the office. Brakha enters forcing him to reveal the truth as there was nobody around him. Adhik says he is using Pakhi for his benefit, asks if she recorded his statement properly and says he knows her well as she knows him and warns him not to interfere between him and Pakhi. Anuj and Anupama asks Shah to do Adhik and Pakhi’s wedding in a proper way. Vanraj says he will just give a gift and I don’t d any kalyandan or any rituals. Anupama hopes that a father will not behave that much strictly in his daughter’s matter.

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