Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st November 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Yuvan scouring the house for Banni. Myra tells him that Banni has left the house and that you cannot betray her. She claims you’re alright because of Banni, but I’ll never forgive you for what you did to Banni. In rage, Banni grinds the spices. She requests that Vishnu distribute rice pudding to the underprivileged and informs him that kheer will be removed from her menu. Vishnu inquires as to what she is concealing in her heart. He expresses gratitude that his father and mother travelled to Jaipur and wants her to share her suffering with him. Banni says nothing and instructs him to complete the task she set to him. Someone rings the calling bell. Vishnu opens the door and notices Yuvan.

Yuvan expresses a desire to speak with Banni. Vishnu informs Banni that Yuvan Jiju has arrived to meet her. Banni is delighted until she remembers Yuvan’s betrayal. She informs Vishnu that Yuvan is not his jiju and requests that he expel Yuvan from the house. Yuvan requests that she pay attention to him. Banni refuses and kicks him out of her house, telling him that betrayers have no place in their home. Yuvan tries to explain that she is misinterpreting him, but she closes the door without listening.

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Yuvan afterwards waits outside Banni’s house. Banni has returned home. He attempts to speak with Banni, but she refuses. Banni notices he is thirsty but does not assist him. Yuvan takes a drink from a hand pump. Banni is distressed. Raja and his buddies arrive and question Yuvan about Banni’s departure. Raja tells him that Banni is bad and that he should forget about her. Yuvan warns him not to say anything negative about Banni. Raja inquires as to what he does if he speaks. He shoves Yuvan. Banni is holding Yuvan. Raja and his friends get thrashed by her. They take off from there.

Yuvan pursues Banni and requests that she listen to him just once. Banni says you’re not worth listening to since I met Tulika and she told me how you proposed to her and gave her a ring. Yuvan accuses Tulika of lying and promises to prove his innocence before departing. People in the colony debate whether Rathod’s family will throw her out. Banni chastises them. She assures them that she is not threatened by their thoughts. Yuvan meets with Tulika and confronts her for lying to Banni. Tulika claims she’s ready to confront you. She questions why he proposed to her and plays with her emotions by displaying his phoney love. She claims you used to irritate and attract her. She requests that he never show his face. She attempts to take her ring off her finger. Blood pours from the wound. Yuvan plays Kabir. Tulika claims that you don’t belong to anyone.

Kabir claims to be hers and declares his love for her. Tulika requests that he stop messing with her emotions. She informs him that Banni disclosed his face. Banni tells to Tulika that Yuvan is playing with her affections just as he did with her. Tulika questions why he messed with the feelings of the two girls. She advises him not to look her in the eyes. Kabir believes Banni is to blame for Tulika’s suffering. He believes he will not abandon Banni for interfering with his and Tulika’s love. Tulika’s tears are wiped away. He decides to force Banni out of his life. Banni recognises Kabir/Yuvan.

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Banni inquires about the proof. He invites her to accompany him to examine the proof. Banni follows him. He kidnaps Banni and binds her to a tree in the bush. Banni questions Yuvan’s motivation. Yuvan introduces himself as Kabir and claims that Tulika cried because of you, and that he will not leave anyone who has caused Tulika sorrow. Banni inquires as to why he addresses himself as Kabir. He consumes alcohol and smashes the bottle near Banni’s head. Banni observes.

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