Banni Chow Home Delivery 2nd November 2022 episode written update

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Banni questions Yuvan on why he calls himself Kabir. Yuvan’s alternate personality claims to be Kabir, who adores Tulika and despises Banni and vows to exact vengeance on anybody who has harmed him since childhood. He suffocates her in a casket. Banni begs him not to do so, reminding him that she is his Banni. Yuvan is activated and expresses care for Banni before reverting to Kabir and burying Banni underground. When the servant hands over property documents, Viraj and Charmie examine Yuvan’s changed and selfish behaviour. He panics after finding Yuvan purchased a plot without consulting him. He shows Devraj the papers and wonders how Yuvan can buy anything without his permission.

There is no need to panic, says┬áDevraj. Viraj requests that he cease supporting Yuvan, stating that if Yuvan betrayed Banni and couldn’t be true to her, how can he be loyal to them all? Kabir believes that in order for him to join Tulika, Banni and Yuvan must die. Banni recalls Yuvan behaved as if he had grown a split personality and Tulika explaining split personality disorder to her. She believes she must leave in order to save Yuvan. When Agastya arrives at Banni’s residence, it is locked. Neighbor informs him that Banni went out with her husband. Agastya discovers Banni’s mobile location through Rohan and hurries to the site. Banni He dials Banni’s number and discovers her phone nearby. Banni shook his head. Agastya notices ground shaking and digs it.

Kabir injures himself and Tulika’s hospital. Nurse transports him to Tulika and demands that she treat him. Tulika claims to be a neurolgist, thus nurses should take him to the ER. The nurse informs her that there is no doctor on duty owing to a shift change and requests that she treat Kabir. Tulika wraps a bandage around Kabir’s neck while he stares at her. She warns him not to look at her. He believes he can see her even with his eyes closed and talks romantically. She advises him to go. He goes away, asking her to wear a pink dress because it looks beautiful on her. She is confused.

Agastya saves Banni and inquires as to who buried her alive. Banni collapses after saying Yuvan. Agastya brings her home. Banni awakens with the memory of Yuvan burying her. Agastya enters. Banni insists on returning to Yuvan right away. Agastya suggests that the doctor examine her first. Banni says she has to leave. Agastya stops her and tells her that Yuvan tried to kill her the night before and that she is a strong woman who should not return to die. Banni says it’s fine since she needs to save Yuvan, and she confesses that Yuvan has a split personality condition.

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