Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st November 2022 episode written update

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Angoori returns the bag to its rightful owner. He wonders if she’s an angel. Vibhu informs him that she is not an angel, but rather Angoori, who lives directly across the street from his house. Vibhu introduces himself to Angoori as Mr. Narang. Narang asks Angoori how he can assist her. Vibhu suggests to Angoori that she apply for a job. Angoori approaches Narang about a job. Narang informs her that he requires the services of a security bouncer for his club. Angoori assures him that she is capable. Narang confirms her employment. Angoori is congratulated by Vibhu.

Tiwari walks up to Angoori and sits at the dining table while she is on the phone. Tiwari requests that Angoori serve the dish. Angoori advises him to do it himself because she needs to leave for work. Tiwari is taken aback and inquires as to what work she is referring to. Angoori informs him that she has accepted a position in a club. Tiwari inquires whether she intends to provide drinks there. Angoori informs him that she is now a security guard at the facility. Tiwari becomes enraged and asks her what the point of doing a work is when she doesn’t know anything. Angoori claims that this is why she works, so she may learn about society. Tiwari yells at her. Angoori ignores him and leaves.

Angoori is stationed at the club’s entrance, along with Teeka and Tillu, who act as security guards. A person tries to enter without wearing an admission band. Angoori pulls his collar and orders Tillu and Teeka to complete their jobs. Tillu and Teeka evict him. Sheela, Tillu and Teeka’s buddy, arrives. Tillu and Teeka introduce Angoori to their buddy Sheela. Angoori responds, “What can she do in that?” Tillu asks Angoori if she can go inside without checking first. Angoori agrees and allows her to enter.

Tillu complains to Teeka that his body hurts. Saxena arrives and meets Angoori. Angoori inquires, “Why is he here?” Saxena informs her that he has come to have a few drinks. Angoori forbids him from drinking. Saxena informs her that he has come to act drunk in order to be beaten up by MasterJi’s stick. Angoori says it’s fine. Saxena pays the club fees and enters. Vibhu approaches Angoori and expresses his admiration for her. Angoori expresses her desire to feel proud and advises him to pursue work.

Prem also appears. Prem inquires if Angoori works as a security bouncer. Yes, says Angoori. Prem invites Vibhu inside with him. Angoori stops them and informs them that they must do Rakhsha Bandhan and obtain their wrist bands. Vibhu refuses to do so and begins acting as if his stomach is in pain. Tiwari is alone in his room, realising how lonely he is without Angoori. Tiwari walks up to the balcony and notices Anu on her balcony. Tiwari greets her, and she returns the greeting. Tiwari expresses to Anu his loneliness in the absence of Angoori. Anu informs Tiwari that Angoori agreed to do the work solely because of his taunts and begins to reprimand him. Tiwari decides to return inside.

Inside the club, Prem and Saxena are drinking. Prem inquires of Saxena when he began drinking. Saxena says he can even take poison to get beaten up. Two strangers sit next to each other and decide to dance and torment the bar dancer. She requests assistance. Angoori, Teeka, and Tillu appear. Angoori requests that the lady leave the room. Angoori threatens them by breaking their hands. They warn her that if she tries to fight them, she would break her hand. Angoori climbs the stage and begins to defeat them.

Tiwari is sitting by himself in his garden. Vibhu enters and inquires of Tiwari, “What happened?” Tiwari is inebriated and informs him that his wife is working as a bouncer and that you are inquiring as to what happened. Vibhu inquires of Tiwari whether he is envious of Angoori. Tiwari inquires of Vibhu as to what he would do in the same situation. Vibhu assures him that he would back her up. Tiwari tells him he’s lying and that he’ll live a suffocating life. Vibhu tells Tiwari that he is insane. Tiwari begins yelling at Vibhu. Anu also appears and inquires as to what transpired. Tiwari is inebriated and tells her that Vibhu forced Angoori to work and that he is now alone and suffering as a result. Anu dials MasterJi’s number. MasterJi appears and begins hitting Tiwari with his stick. Anu threatens Tiwari that if he does it again, MasterJi would beat him.

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