Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd November 2022 episode written update

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Vibhu awakens and goes to his balcony; he doesn’t see Angoori and chooses to check on her. Tiwari is depressed and drinking alcohol by himself. Angoori enters the house and notices him. Angoori snatches the glass from Tiwari’s grasp and informs him that she would no longer allow him to drink. Tiwari inquires of Angoori as to how she arrived home so early. Angoori informs him that she has left the job and will not return. Tiwari inquires, “Why?” Angoori informs him that her femininity is fading. Tiwari assures her that he will resurrect her femininity. Angoori ascends the steps. Vibhu enters Tiwari’s bedroom. Vibhu is standing and looking around the room. Tiwari approaches from behind and hugs him as if he were Angoori. Vibhu cuts himself off and tells Tiwari to stay inside his limitations.

Tiwari is perplexed and inquires of Vibhu, “Where is Angoori?” Vibhu claims he has no idea. Tiwari claims he saw Angoori and is hallucinating. Vibhu informs him that everything happened solely because of him. Angoori dials Tiwari’s number from the basement. Vibhu is overjoyed and informs Tiwari that she has arrived. Angoori enters the scene. Vibhu informs Angoori that Tiwari was concerned about her. Angoori tells them not to worry about her, and that two males messed with her, and she beat them up, and now she’s sleepy. Tiwari only stares at her. Angoori informs them that she is sleepy and retires to bed. Tiwari follows Vibhu outside. Angoori reportedly used to resemble a helpless deer, but now she resembles a wild boar, says┬áVibhu.

In the morning, Angoori, Teeka, and Tillu are training. Angoori is putting them through rigorous training. Teeka and Tillu request rest, but Angoori refuses and instructs them to return to training and quit making excuses. Angoori informs them they are young and in good shape. Teeka compliments her and tells her that he and Tillu have a tendency of eating food in between training sessions. Angoori claims she will eliminate all harmful habits. Tiwari appears and inquires of Angoori when she will prepare the meal. Angoori’s voice has changed to Haryanvi. Go into the kitchen and cook it yourself, she says. Tiwari inquires of Angoori, “What changed to her tone?” Angoori responds that the club owner advised her to switch to Haryanvi since it is more macho. Angoori instructs Tiwari to prepare a dry fruit shake for her. Tiwari becomes terrified and enters the kitchen.

Vibhu is on his balcony when he notices Angoori. Angoori has begun to dress in t-shirts and jeans and has become more dominating and manly. Vibhu believes she has lost her innocence and has become more masculine. Teeka and Tillu arrive and inform Angoori that two gangs are coming to the club, and they had previously teased many women in the club. Vibhu claims that Angoori is no longer safe. Angoori tells Vibhu to be quiet.

Tiwari and Anu are sitting next to one other. Tiwari is crying and tells Anu that she is the one who made everything happen. Anu encourages Tiwari to stop crying and explain what’s happening. Tiwari tells Anu that everything went wrong in his life after Angoori started working at the club. After becoming drunk, Anu orders Tiwari to stop taunting and fighting people. MasterJi appears with a stick. Anu advises MasterJi to relax. Tiwari assures Anu that he is OK and departs.

Angoori is preparing to go to the club for her duties. Tiwari enters and takes a seat beside her. Tiwari inquires as to where she is heading. Angoori informs him that she is leaving for her assignment. Tiwari attempts to explain to Angoori that women are supposed to be feminine, but she feels numb inside. Angoori inquires of Tiwari, “What do you want?” Tiwari informs her that he want to reclaim the innocent Angoori. Angoori raises his fist and threatens Tiwari before fleeing. Tiwari receives a call from his client, who wishes to place an order with him. Tiwari becomes animated. His customer instructs Tiwari to meet him at the same club where Angoori works. Tiwari becomes agitated.

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