Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 1st November 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Indu and Ritesh in the bathroom, all soaked. Zoon arrives and notices them staring at each other. Zoon inquires whether they are showering together and promises to inform everyone. Ritesh and Indu make an attempt to halt Zoon. Zoon leaves. Indu removes her dupatta and leaves with Ritesh. Vivek informs Rajendra that he has summoned his crew and that they will be in charge of the guest’s meal service. Zoon addresses Rajendra and Asha as Moj and Genie Papa. Asha inquires as to what happened to them.

Ritesh and Indu arrive. Everyone laughs as they get doused with water. Indu and Ritesh are humiliated. Zoon is asked if she told them. No, says Zoon. Indu enters the house. Ritesh follows her. Indu claims that I must suffer embarrassment as a result of you. She inquires as to why you came inside. Ritesh claims you summoned me and damaged my panel. He expresses what my family may be thinking. Indu claims you may have performed such scenarios and asks him to consider her reputation. Ritesh claims he never behaves this way in front of his family. He invites her to take a bath. They discuss how they will deal with each other.

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Vivaan has a crush on Anjali. Anjali is falling to his phoney charm. Kadambari wonders how this is possible. Sameer warns us to be cautious, and I have completed the first part of our strategy. Just then, a courier arrives and hands a courier to Kadambari. When Kadambari opens it, she discovers bridal outfits with bangles. She inquires whether this is your first step. Sameer inquires as to whether she is prepared for marriage. Dolly shows Indu her wedding gown. (It is the same as Sameer gave Kadambari.) It appeals to Indu. People think they match luxury clothes, but Dolly says they get bridal clothes from Dadar shop. She claims that all of our clothes are the same and that it is the identity of our bahus, and that if you wear it, it will be more beneficial. She thinks Indu will make a lovely bride. Sameer is informed by Kadambari that she is ready to marry and will sit in the mandap.

Deep and Vivaan get ready and make their way downstairs. Deep informs us that we must depart and inquires whether Ritesh’s car is ready. Dolly inquires whether all of the work is maintained in the car. Yes, says Deep. Rahul shows up. Dolly requests that he look for a female for him. Rahul pays a visit to Ritesh. Sameer fears that the shock would cause Ritesh to have a heart attack. Vivek informs Rajendra that his helper will transport Pandit. Rajendra expresses gratitude to him. Vivek says that if you thank me, I would come right to your house for dinner. Sunita requests that Rajendra preserve the change. Rajendra claims to have kept it. Anjali approaches and inquires how she is. Rajendra compliments you on your appearance, but questions why you curled your hair. Anjali believes it is due to fashion.

Ritesh feels nervous and informs Rahul that he will be unable to wear the Sherwani. Rahul claims you’re nervous. Ritesh becomes agitated. Asha instructs Indu to get ready. Indu wonders if I’m doing it correctly and if she felt the same way. Asha answers yes, explaining that their lives have changed since marriage and that everything seemed to be going well. She claims they are kind people.

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Indu gets ready. While Kadambari prepares in her home and dresses in the same clothes and jewellery as Indu. Sunita approaches Indu and expresses her delight at seeing her as the bride. Indu Raina, Kadambari says, you’ll have my terrible vision. Asha wears a veil over her head. Kadambari wears a veil over her face. Sunita motions for Indu to take a seat. They leave when they hear the baraat approaching. Ritesh is driving. While everyone is dancing, Sameer receives a call from Kadambari and begs her to go. Okay, says Kadambari. He then dials a phone number. Ritesh gets down on one knee and dances with Zoon. Sunita greets Ritesh with aarti and serves him sweets. Sameer believes that even in your dreams, you would not have predicted what would happen to you.

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