Channa Mereya 1st November 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Aditya seeing Kushwant’s photo and returning his ring before leaving the location. Aditya arrives at his home. Amber inquires as to what Ginni told him, and he responds that she must have imposed a condition. Aditya claims that he tried to persuade Ginni, but she refused. Shailaja assumes Ginni must have told him something and mocks the way she speaks. Aditya stares at Shailaja. He then tells the family members that Ginni only wants justice. She wants the family members to confess their crimes to the rest of the world. Amber dismisses it as rubbish. He is also concerned about the loss of the business. Aditya becomes enraged and lashes out at him for being concerned about business loss and reputation. He also shares his sorrow at how everyone in this family is selfish and doesn’t care about him before leaving the house.

From upstairs, Akash observes this. Aditya returns to the location where he first shocked Ginni. He then recalls his interactions with Ginni, which makes him angry and sad, so he begins injuring himself by hitting his hand on a nearby pillar. Akash stops Aditya and drags him along with him. When Aditya expresses concern about how to persuade Ginni, he tells her that she will return to their home. Aditya tells Akash that he, too, wishes Ginni will return home.

In Grewal’s residence, Gulraj prevents Ginni from going to the police station to file a complaint against the Singhs since the Singhs have money and influence, and they could use this to trap her in false allegations and ruin her life. Ginni will not listen to her. She tells Gulraj that she wants to give it a shot and then leaves. Gulraj becomes concerned. She then becomes motivated to reveal the truth about Singh to the rest of the world. She phones someone and inquires about their acquaintance who works in the media, then observes.

Rajvant asks Aditya in Singh’s residence if Ginni is willing to forgive them. Aditya says no, explaining that Ginni wants something else that he can’t give her right now. He then informs Rajvant that Ginni wishes for justice for her family and father. Shailaja arrives and informs the family that Ginni wishes to avenge them before turning on the television. In the news, the reporter discusses Grewal’s destitute family and Singh’s who utilised Kushwant’s diaries to become wealthy, which surprises the Singhs. The journalist goes on to say that no one would have believed the Singhs could fall this low, and they all want justice for the Grewals. The Singhs are horrified to hear the reporters and a few people who have joined them chanting against the Singhs. They all break stuff by flinging them about the house. Aditya and his family enter the living room and are taken aback by its state.

Aditya approaches the reporters and asks them to return, stating that their lawyer will handle the situation with the Grewals, but the mob refuses to listen. Aditya tries everything he can to stop them. Amber decides to contact the authorities. He is subsequently followed outdoors by other family members. Ginni is taken aback by the news. Aditya and his family attempt to keep the mob under control. Rajvant struggles to leave the house while clutching his chest. One of the men approaches him and throws ink at him, shocking the Singhs and Ginni.

Goldie, Simran’s companion, watches the news and assures him that this is what the Singhs deserve for betraying his father, and that he will not spare them for what they did to him. Simran also encourages him and instructs him not to fight alone, but to join forces with his family members and earn their trust by assisting them in this situation. Goldie concurs. Simran grins broadly, believing that the Grewals will receive half of the property from the Singhs. Rajvant collapses at Singh’s house, and his family rushes to his aid. Rajvant expresses his desire for Ginni’s forgiveness before passing out.

Amber gives the order to call an ambulance. Aditya rides in the ambulance with Rajvant to the hospital. Ginni approaches Gulraj and informs her of Rajvant’s condition. Gulraj expresses her joy and reveals to Ginni that she is the one behind all of this. She also informs them that they must praise God for their assistance. Ginni is taken aback. Aditya begs Rajvant to wake up in the hospital, and Amber warns Rajvant that he will not spare the person responsible for all of this. The doctor assures Aditya that they would do their best. Aditya and his family members are concerned. Ginni tells Gulraj that she understands her pain, but this isn’t the appropriate way to punish the Singhs. She also informs her that if Kushwant were alive, he would never allow this. Gulraj disagrees and informs Kushwant that he must have done the same. Ginni tries to explain that this isn’t the proper way to obtain justice, but Gulraj dismisses her and invites her to accompany them to the temple to thank God. Rajvant is being treated by a doctor in the hospital.

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