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The most widely used cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, fell 0.19 percent on the previous day and was trading at $20,534.71, while Ethereum increased by 0.32 percent to $1,595.01. Among other popular cryptocurrencies, Cardano increased by 0.92 percent, Tron increased by 0.51 percent, Avalanche increased by 2.16 percent, Uniswap increased by 2.00 percent, and Cosmos increased by 0.67 percent. However, at the time this article was being written (11:15IST), cryptocurrencies such as Solana, Polygon, Polkadot, and Litecoin were down, respectively, by 1.24 percent, 0.96 percent, 1.54 percent, and 0.74 percent.

Meme coins were now trading in the black. The Elon Musk-backed Dogecoin, which is currently selling at $0.142, soared by 15.06 percent from the previous day. Shiba Inu, a different canine-themed coin, rose by 5.14 percent to $0.0000128. (at the time of writing).

Today’s trading saw losses for well-known Metaverse assets including Decentraland, The Sandbox, Axie Infinity, ApeCoin, etc. Since the previous day, their prices have decreased by 1.17 percent, 0.25 percent, 0.43 percent, and 2.18 percent, respectively.

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