Doosri Maa 1st November 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Kamini reflecting on Yashoda and Krishna. Bansal inquires as to what is the matter. Kamini claims she is working on a solution to the problem. She claims that I will expose someone. Bansal inquires as to why she is spying. She claims she has always wanted to be a spy and that she now has a case. She claims she forced a dumb woman to do her tasks. Mahua inquires about Arvind’s sleep. Arvind declines, claiming that his stomach is blocked. Mahua informs him that there is a secret and recalls what Jiji mentioned about the secret. Arvind claims she causes problems.

Mahua claims that she was correct today. Arvind appears to be sleeping. Mahua claims she enjoys such things and believes she can use her talents to control everyone. Yashoda wakes up in the middle of the night after hearing a noise. She enters Ashok’s study and sees Mahua going through the files. She confronts her and demands that she tell her exactly what she is looking for. Mahua tells her that she came into Kamini’s conversations and questioned her. She claims that Kamini went to court today and saw Krishna and her and questioned her relationship with him. She walks away. Yashoda informs Ashok about the situation and promises to speak with her. Ashok promises to speak with her.

The constable opens the cell door and announces that someone has come to meet the other boy. Krishna becomes depressed and expresses his desire to see Yashoda. Yashoda won’t be coming here, the boys say. Krishna promises that Yashoda will appear. The boy informs him that Yashoda will not be present and invites him to wager. Krishna predicts that you will lose. The boy asks if you want to celebrate Diwali with her or with us.

Amma shows Yashoda the kathori/bowl. Babu ji inquires of Amma as to why she was shown. He inquires about the mahurat for tomorrow’s pooja. Yashoda describes the mahurat period. Yashoda claims that all preparations have been completed. Babu ji claims you have so much outside responsibility that I let you go, but I’m still not sure. He claims that if we keep dirty water in the bowl, the bowl would get dirty as well. Arvind decides not to tell Mahua anything. He believes Ashok handed him one lakh rupees, but Mahua does not offer him a single rupee.

Bablu informs the children that they must shatter Krishna’s trust and will not allow him to meet anyone. Yashoda shows up. Bablu requests the Inspector not allow her to meet Krishna. Yashoda insists on meeting Krishna, but the inspector refuses. Yashoda claims to have brought Krishna sweets and crackers. Inspector requests that she give. The bags are brought by Constable. Bablu looks at the bags.

Ashok confronts Kamini about her request for Mahua to spy on Yashoda. Kamini claims that we come from a shameless family. So you admit, Ashok says, and urges her not to interfere with Yashoda’s work. Kamini says she is your older sister and adores you. Ashok wonders if you’ve ever considered this. She inquires if I ever told Yashoda about Mala. Ashok yells, “Don’t adopt this name, or else I’ll know your secret; you eloped, compromising the house’s respect.” He then apologises to her and requests that she leave them alone. Kamini suspects that they are keeping something from us, and Yashoda is not present on festival day.

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