Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 1st November 2022 episode written update

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Virat informs Savi that he is bringing Vinayak to a police academy for training and that it is too far away for her to accompany him. Savi says it’s fine; she’ll accompany them. She walks up to Sai and insists on accompanying Vinayak and Virat to the police academy. Virat advises Vinayak that he does not require a doctor, only proper training. Sai informs Savi that he will not interfere with Vinayak’s training and refuses permission. Savi returns to her room, depressed. Sai believes Virat is putting Vinu through hard training, which is unhealthy for a tiny child and would damage his confidence.

Virat, accompanied by Pakhi, takes Vinayak to the police school and introduces him to academy trainer Dr. Dolay. Dr. Dolay says he never expected to be training Virat’s son so soon. Virat adds Vinayak’s first race in life is tomorrow, and he wants Dr. Dolay to train him. Vinayak believes Dr. Aunty is the greatest. Dr. Dolay believes Vinayak has a strong faith in his old trainer. Dr. Dolay’s assistant informs him that Vinayak used to walk slowly with braces, but since the Ramleela event, he can walk quickly even without them. Vinayak’s training begins with the trainer. Vinayak has difficulty walking. Pakhi becomes apprehensive. Virat says Vinayak will perform under pressure for sure.

Usha watches Sai leaving and inquires as to where she is heading. Sai says she will help Vinayak because he needs her the most. Vinayak is in excruciating discomfort. Trainer instructs him to remove his brace and walk because it is impeding his performance. Pakhi becomes more apprehensive, but Virat stands by the trainer. Vinayak struggles once more and is in excruciating pain. Trainer straps weights to his legs and instructs him to walk right now. Vinayak trips and falls. Pakhi dashes over to him. Trainer claims she is impeding Vinayak’s performance. Pakhi claims that her son’s safety is her first priority; she cannot bear the thought of her son in pain. Virat is summoned by the trainer and given a 5-minute rest.

Sai arrives at training camp, contacts Vinayak, and advises him that he is jogging with stiff knees and should relax, take her voice note, and go. Vinayak concurs. Sai claims he must win the race for Savi’s sake. Vinayak wonders how she knows he is running with stiff knees if he is nearby. Sai goes into hiding. Vinayak puts on his earbuds and prepares to run while listening to Sai’s encouraging letter. Pakhi notices Sai and inquires if she came to see Vinayak. Sai claims she is aware that Vinayak need support and can’t function well under pressure. Pakhi apologises on behalf of Virat. Sai says she doesn’t have to apologise because Vinayak is significant to her and Savi, and as a mother, she understands Pakhi’s care for Vinayak. Vinayak begins to run. Virat dials Pakhi’s number. Vinayak is still encouraged by Sai. Vinayak runs with confidence and completes the race in 50 seconds. Virat is pleased with Vinayak. Pakhi thanks Sai quietly.

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