Pandya Store 4th November 2022 episode written update

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Suman scolds her for being generous with Devrani. Gombi massages her legs and conveys it was me and Dev’s plan to send Siva and Ravi to Goa. Suman came in between you don’t have mood massage my legs and you have nothing to do with this plan, you are saying this to cover Dev’s mistake.

Rishita recalls memories of the previous Diwali while packing sweets. She cries and tells herself it shouldn’t happen anymore in her life. Krish notices and asks Shweta “why are you crying?”. She says I recalled previous Diwali memories where I ate thrown-away sweets and now circumstances have changed. Krish promises her it should not happen here.

Along with the Pandya family, Suman tries to decorate the house for Diwali. All the ladies do rangoli and gents decorate the house with flowers. Shwetha shares a beautiful moment with Krish assisting him in untangling lights. Shiva calls him lapad Jhandis and asks him what are you doing. Dhara is also trying to mingle with Shweta and talks with her.

Dev slams Rishita for demanding gold and not understanding the situation of the house. He asks if she is a kid who cannot understand simple things. Dhara draws Rishita’s attention and shows her the golden bangles for Chutki. Rishita cheers up and so does the entire family. Rishita hugs Dhara so hard that she falls. She thanks Dhara and says that she does not want it anymore. Suman asks what kind of game is she playing. Rishita says that Dhara thinking about her demands is enough for her and she does not want the gold anymore. Dhara asks her not to say no to Lakshmi ji on Diwali.

Rishita is getting ready for Diwali. Dev bought a gift for Rishita but she says that she won’t accept any gift unless it is gold. She continued, she only accepts Goa trip tickets. Dev thinks that she will be only in this mood until they went to Goa. Shweta tries to convince Dhara to use Chiku money to book tickets for Shiva and Ravi. She further says they might get separated by the time they arrange tickets for Goa. Dhara says nothing will happen like that.

Rishita opens Dev’s gift and notices a t-shirt on which Goa is printed and also Dev, Rishita, and Chutki’s photos are printed. Rishita won’t stop convincing Dhara to use Chiku money. Rishita continues to convince Dhara to use the money from Chikoo’s funds. She says that she wants her to take the money as a loan and says that she wants to help. Dhara is almost convinced when Krish comes and asks Dhara to wait for it and they will soon arrange for the money with the sales from Pandya Store.

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