Rajjo 1st November 2022 episode written update

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Urvashi told Madhu that Rajjo is attempting to take Arjun away from her and that she should assist her by preventing Rajjo from getting any closer to Arjun. She continues, “I saw Arjun heading outside with Arjun, and I’m trying to win Arjun back.”

Madhu immediately calls Rajjo and orders her to return home. Rajjo calls Kaka and informs him that she will arrange for the money by the evening. Arjun is following her and is surprised to find Rajjo sprinting back into the house. Madhu instructs Rajjo to clean the floor since powder has been spilled on it. While Madhu was celebrating her excellent strategy, Arjun entered the room and slipped due to the powder. While Tujhse Juda plays in the background, he ends up cuddling Rajjo. He sneezes as a result of the powder. Rajjo pinches his nose to get him to stop.

Arjun confronts Rajjo and inquires as to why he was seeking money from a stranger. He requests that she reveal her identity. He claims that after she rescued him from the fire, he thought she was different, but he is now perplexed. He continues, “Sometimes I feel like I understand her, but other times she comes off as a complete stranger.”

Rajjo ultimately gives up and informs him that she is saving money for her mother’s hospitalisation. She goes on to say that she is in a coma as a result of an accident. Rajjo claims she was ready to inform him but he didn’t give her the opportunity. She recalls the cheque event and informs him that the money was spent for her mother’s care. Rajjo says he may go to the hospital and check it out for himself. She never intended to keep anything from him, but it was sometimes him and sometimes the circumstances that kept her from sharing. Ishq Di Baajian plays in the background as Arjun recalls everything Rajjo has done for him.

Meanwhile, Urvashi is threatened by the money lender. She hands them the golden Kalash bag and urges them to leave.

Arjun, on the other side, is responsible for not listening to Rajjo. He recognises his error and informs her that he will assist her now and that she does not need to do what she is doing for the money. Rajjo, on the other hand, claims that she enjoys her profession and has become hooked to it. She states that individuals admire and admire her for what she does. Arjun is uncomfortable because he believes Rajjo is a prost*** and wants her to quit doing what she is doing for money. He claims she is ruining her life. However, Rajjo states that she does not intend to do it for the rest of her life and will only do it while she is young.

She finally admits that in the morning, she sells newspapers, milk, and flowers. Arjun recognises his error and apologises for misinterpreting Rajjo’s intentions.

Rocky hands Rajjo his clothing and instructs her to wash them. Rajjo discovers a lipstick stain on his trousers. Rocky notices the mark and becomes concerned as he sees the family members approaching Rajjo. Rocky and Kalindi intend to keep Rajjo occupied so that she is unaware of their affair.

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