Rajjo 2nd November 2022 episode written update

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Sia approaches Rajjo and informs him that Sheru has terrified the guests (the money lender). Rajjo describes Sheru as a prankster. Sia claims that all he needs is a ball to not terrify people. Swara enters the kitchen and prepares a tiffin box for Rajjo’s Kaka. She informs her that Arjun has revealed everything to her. She encourages Rajjo to have hope that her mother will recover soon. She also offers Rajjo a Tulsi mala and instructs her to put it next to her mother. Rajjo hugs her and thanks God for a wonderful day.

Arjun says goodbye to Urvashi’s uncles, often known as money lenders. He tries to steal the bag, but they refuse, claiming that it contains jewels. They then correct themselves and add that the bag contains candy. Kalindi invites Rajjo inside, explaining that she witnessed Urvashi take the Kalash but cannot find it anywhere. Rajjo and Kalindi see that the bag contains kalash.

Rajjo devises a scheme and begs Sheru to scare them. To save themselves, the money lender becomes terrified and throws the bag. When Arjun tries to pick up the bag, Kalash and some clothing fall from inside. Everyone is taken aback when they discover the kalash in the bag.

Arjun inquires about the Kalash and learns that Urvashi was the last person to wield it on Karvachauth. Everyone expects Urvashi to explain herself. Urvashi admits she has no knowledge, and despite the fact that they are her uncles, she is as surprised as they are. She blames her relatives for destroying her reputation in front of the family. She blames her uncles for everything and urges them to leave.

She begs pardon from Arjun and his mother. Rajjo is taken aback when the table turns. Kalindi claims you mentioned your uncles have gold mines in Dubai, so why would they do something so cheap? Urvashi maintains her position and blames her uncle. Rajjo finally steps in and informs everyone that she witnessed Urvashi bringing the kalash from the terrace. Urvashi is labelled a liar by her.

When questioned about it, Urvashi admits but claims that a lizard fell on her and startled her. She went for a bath after leaving the kalash in the hall. When she returned, it was gone, and she assumed that someone in the family had kept it safe. Urvashi now blames Rajjo, claiming that she must have put the kalash in her uncles’ bag.

Arjun claims that the kalash is expensive, and that if Rajjo had taken it, she would have kept it for herself. Urvashi makes another U-turn, this time asking them to contact the cops and give over her uncles, but not to blame her.

She plays the victim, claiming that Rajjo appeared in the marriage and had already damaged her life, and that they are now blaming her. She begs everyone to believe her and begins crying. Madhu falls for her deception and forgives her. Arjun is asked not to blame Urvashi.

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