Rajjo 4th November 2022 episode written update

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Rajjo is trying to get money for her mother’s treatment, while Arjun and Urvashi are going to see Rajjo’s mother. When Rajjo left the hospital the doctors change their dressing and think how easy it was to fool Rajjo. They quickly changed the board and sit with Rajjo’s mother that she is fine.

Arjun and Urvashi comes to the address and sees them. He notices him telling Manorama that don’t worry Rajjo will continue send money. He pretends to show her jewelry and says that you can also buy gold coins with the money Rajjo is sending. Urvashi tells Arjun that Rajjo and her mother are fooling their entire family. Arjun gets furious and says that he will confront her mother. He is about to talk to her when Urvashi stops him saying that they might blame him for something and asks him to leave from there. He now believes that Manorama is fine and Rajjo is fooling him and others for money.

The fake doctor puts the oxygen mask on Manorama’s face as soon as they leave. Pushkar appears on the scene and declares that his plan has been successful.

Madhu notices Kalindi crying and comforts her by telling her that she saw Chirag and Kalindi in the hall together and wishes them a good married life. Jhilmil listens to them and believes that Chirag and Kalindi should never reconcile because Swara is the best bahu in the house.

Rajjo prays to Lord Shiva for assistance in arranging funds for her mother’s treatment. She comes across a pamphlet advertising a race with a prize fund of 50,000 rupees. She thanks Lord Shiva and rushes to the registration desk. She convinces herself to run in the race and resolves to win in order to save her mother. She registers her name as Rajjo Arjun Singh Thakur and is pleased with it.

Puskar meets Kalindi and is surprised to see Chirag in such good spirits. Madhu tells him that she is now optimistic about Kalindi and Chirag reuniting.

Rajjo returns home and meets Arjun. She informs him that she will be running in the race and that she has registered her name as Rajjo Arjun Singh Thakur. Arjun, to her surprise, requests that her registration be cancelled. She claims that he always runs in the race, but that this time she needs the money for her mother’s treatment and will not abstain from the race.

Arjun claims that he has seen enough of her greed for money and understands why she and her mother want the money. He goes on to blast her for using his name, asking how can she add his name to her. Rajjo claims that she is faster than Arjun and would win the race for her mother. Arjun claims that he will have his registration revoked. Rajjo pursues him as he races for the registration counter. The man who was doing the registration departs the venue before they get to the desk. Rajjo smiles and introduces himself as Shankar, another proof that Lord Shiva is assisting her. She dares him once more, declaring that she will undoubtedly win the race.

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