Saavi Ki Savaari 1st November 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Nutan informing Sonam that she observed how she spoke to Nityam. Sonam wonders if Maa grasped my purpose. Nutan informs Sonam that she saw her today as understanding and as a girl who is ready to move on. Sonam notes that despite my disagreements with Saavi, she is my younger sister and an important part of her life. That is why, she claims, Nityam is significant to her. Nutan tells her that she is forgiving her this time, but that she will not forgive her again. Sonam inquires, “Did you forgive me?” She praises her and embraces her. The doorbell rings. When she opens the door, she sees Shivam waiting there with the cake. Sonam leads him outside. He says he’s come to celebrate her birthday and that he’d love to see her family again. Tillu shows up. Shivam wonders if he is also Mama, as Sonam refers to him as. Tillu claims that I am a distant relative and that Mama is her own. Tillu wonders who he is. Shivam, says Sonam. Tillu notices. Ratna arrives and hides with Tillu. Saavi appears and invites Shivam inside. She then believes Nityam is within.

Shivam expresses his desire for Sonam to celebrate her birthday with his favourite pineapple cake. Saavi invites him to join him. Ratna inquires of Tillu as to why he has come. Tillu says he needs Rs. 65000. Ratna informs him that they do not have any money and requests that he leave immediately or else Shivam will bother him. Tillu pretends to go and then plans to deceive Shivam. Sonam slices the cake and hands it to Shivam. Shivam embraces her. Saavi is overjoyed. Nityam dials Ananya’s number. Shivam inquires, “Who is he?” Saavi claims to be my spouse. Shivam says he will meet him because he is similar to his younger brother. Sonam asks, “What will you tell him about how I used to love you when I was engaged to him?” Ok, says Shivam, I’ll meet him later. Shivam is led outdoors by Sonam and Saavi. Nityam walks downstairs and notices the pineapple cake. He begins to eat it and recalls his papa enjoying his birthday with them. Vedika claims you chastise them while also loving them. Nityam cries as he eats the cake and licks his fingers. His eyes well up with tears. Nutan notices his emotional side and approaches him. Nityam claims he asked Ananya for a pillow, then saw the cake and began eating. Nutan says he has no idea what you saw in the cake that made you adore it so much. She describes him as a little boy who finds enjoyment in tiny things and is straightforward and innocent. She proceeds to find a pillow after wiping his tears with her pallu.

Tillu approaches Shivam and informs him that he has learned that he is looking for someone. Triloki Jain, says Shivam. Tillu promises to find out and requests Rs 20,000. Vedika phones Saavi and inquires about Nityam’s whereabouts. Saavi enters Ananya’s room and informs her that he has come to surprise her. Vedika claims that your spell worked. Saavi claims he socialises with everyone except me. She claims he is not at ease with me. Vedika requests that she be the same and that she change her phone number from Aunty to Maa. Okay, says Saavi. Nityam couldn’t sleep last night because he remembered Ratna’s words. He phones Kiran and requests money in the morning.

Nityam shows the money bundles to Goels in the morning and asks them to utilise them to restore the house. Ratna responds, “Certainly.” No, says Brijesh. Nutan informs them that they will be unable to accept his assistance. Saavi claims they cannot accept his assistance since they simply waste their hard-earned money. Sonam questions Saavi about her egoism and considers her self-esteem. She asks if Nityam will have respect if he learns that his sasural does not even have chairs. Nityam expresses his desire to assist you. Saavi believes he can assist now and will call me gold digger tomorrow. Nityam wonders why she is refusing such a large sum. Vedika arrives and wishes them a good Diwali. She inquires as to whether Saavi is prepared. She informs Saavi that she must carry out her sasural tasks. She instructs Nityam to place the cash in the bag and informs her that Saavi will not accept your assistance and compliments her. Nityam inquires if you spoke with Saavi yesterday. Vedika affirms. Nutan requests that they comprehend. Okay, says Nityam. Vedika informs Saavi that rasam is important today. She requests that Nutan make her tea. Nityam informs Saavi that he now understands why she declined, in order to impress his mother. Saavi asks do you think that this is my planning. Nityam looks at her and keeps the money back in the bag.

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