Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st November 2022 written update

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The episode begins with Simar seeing the photo and claiming that the kada was taken from a Bengali woman. A Facebook shows a man hitting a woman while the hunter accuses her of stealing. The woman claims she did not steal anything. The wicked power makes its way inside Badimaa’s room. Badimaa stirs and looks around. The evil entity then inspects Gajendra and Sandhya’s room, followed by Reema and Vivaan’s room. The malevolent force then enters Simar and Aarav’s room. Simar awakens to the sound of music and discovers the door open. She puts on her dupatta and walks out, thinking it is morning when it was merely night. She tells Aarav that she believes someone was in the room throughout the night. Nobody, in front of me, Aarav claims, can touch you. She discovers the anklet there.

Guru ji arrives at Badimaa’s residence and informs her that he has come to grant Sadhvi’s safekeeping. Badimaa discusses her accident. Guru ji explains that Sadhvi wants to warn them, and that he can sense something enormous and dangerous happening here right now. Badimaa becomes terrified. Guru ji has stated that Sadhvi is very near to you, which is why I am stating. He claims that something has entered the house and that bad power has used it. She claims that this wicked power has the ability to kill anyone in the house. Simar arrives and listens Guru ji. She wonders who committed the murder. She requests that he say anything.

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Badimaa informs Simar that the statue is new to the house and inquires if she tossed it. Simar says he has no idea where it went. Guru ji says to look for it and throw it out. Simar says I’ll go question the driver. She goes outside and inquires of the driver if he seen the statue. The driver said there was no statue in the car. Simar wonders how this might happen. Gagan continuously calls Aditi. Simar notices him. Sandhya inquires, “What happened?” Gagan claims Aditi is not at home. Badimaa shows up. Gagan informs her of Aditi’s existence. Aarav hears and summons the guard. Reyansh inquires, “What happened?” Aarav claims Aditi has gone missing. Simar asks Gagan whether they’re going to fight. Gagan claims he hasn’t seen her since the morning. Badimaa informs Guru ji. Guru ji instructs Simar to bring Aditi’s belongings. Reema and Vivaan arrive. They also begin looking for Aditi. Simar returns with Aditi’s dupatta.

Guruji smells it and says Aditi is in the dark, she is inside somewhere, there is a lot of stuff there, and there is a lot of darkness. Aditi’s safety is prayed for by Badimaa. Simar enters the basement area. She dials Aditi’s number. Aarav inquires as to why you have come here. Simar claims that Guru ji has informed him that Aditi is in the dark. She discovers a tin box and assumes Aditi is present. She collides with Aditi and knocks her out. Gagan inquires as to what happened to her. Aditi regains consciousness and wonders how she got here and where Geet is. Simar claims that nothing has happened and departs with Aditi. Aditi tells Simar and Gagan that she has no idea how she got there.

Simar inquires about the red on her hand. Aditi says she has no idea. She walks over to the sink to wash her hands. Simar inquires of Aarav whether he has any explanation. Aarav believes this is a coincidence. She shows Aarav the news and informs him that another owner of the antique shop died, displaying the markings on his body. She knows the statue is to blame and informs everyone that the statue possesses negative abilities. She requests that they search the statue.

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Aarav asks why you’re worried when it’s only a piece of art. Badimaa claims she has decided to remove the statue from the residence. Aditi informs Gagan that the colour will not fade. Gagan says it will go away and that he is glad she returned the bangle to Simar. Aditi claims that she did not return. Gagan wonders where it went. The bracelet is displayed on the statue. Simar prays to Mata Rani for guidance in saving her family. She claims to be able to detect bad energy. She notices the statue in the basement.

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