Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st November 2022 episode written update

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Preesha wonders why, if Rudra is still alive, he hasn’t returned to her; she would have told him everything and shouldn’t have married Armaan. Pihu enters and says she needs to speak with her. Preesha inquires as to how she and Rudra met. Pihu says she’d want to talk about it. She claims she was absolutely broken after Vidyuth’s death and was about to commit suicide when Rudra stopped her; gradually, she became drawn to Rudra and fell in love with him after witnessing his goodness; Preesha knows anyone may fall in love with Rudra. Preesha is anxious. Pihu questions Preesha on how she could marry Rudra’s enemy Armaan when she only loved Rudra. It’s a major story, Preesha claims.

Armaan enters dressed as a child, addresses Preesha as aunty, and requests that she unwrap his lollipop. Pihu is taken aback and wonders why Bhai is acting like a child. Armaan insists on hearing Preesha’s story. Preesha agrees reluctantly. Armaan sits on her knee, listening to the story while eating a lollipop. Preesha believes he should inform Rudra about Armaan. Rudra walks in and explodes with rage when he sees Armaan on Preesha’s lap. He pulls Armaan away from Preesha and questions how daring she is to romance Armaan in his room. Sharda reveals that after Rudra’s departure, Preesha and Armaan have been staying in Rudra’s room. Rudra urges Preesha to leave his room because he wants to stay with his fiancee.

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Sharda picks up Rudra and says that Armaan lost his memory after suffering a head accident, and his brain is that of a 7-year-old boy. Pihu wonders if Bhai would ever recover. Sharda reports that Armaan is receiving treatment. Rudra wonders why Preesha is rooting for him. Sharda claims that Preesha repaid Rudra’s loans using Armaan’s money, and that she has been living at Rudra’s house with Armaan ever then. Rudra believes there is another reason Preesha is sticking with Armaan, and he needs to find out what it is.

He returns to Preesha and inquires as to why he is with Armaan. Preesha claims that is her decision. Rudra recalls Armaan’s horrible actions and wonders how she can support him. Because she knows the truth, Preesha says. Rudra inquires as to what truth. Preesha believes that only Armaan knows where her child is. She claims she knows Armaan is not acting and is actually mentally ill. Armaan pees in his pants. Preesha informs Rudra that if he had returned on time, she would not have married Armaan and none of this would have occurred, hence Rudra has no right to comment. From there, she takes Armaan.

Saransh informs Rudra on the terrace that he understands Rudra is horrified by Armaan’s condition. Rudra is perplexed as to why Preesha supports Armaan. Saransh claims Preesha never does anything without a cause, and he believes Preesha will reveal the reason soon. He claims that after Rudra left them, they were utterly penniless and in debt; Preesha accepted a loan from Armaan and repaid it; he cautions Rudra not to speak negatively about Preesha and walks away. Preesha approaches Rudra and says she used to talk to the star and express her feelings for him; her love reached him and he returned; it’s her bad luck that he’s near her and she can’t even touch him. Rudra says if she was so desperate for him, why didn’t she wait for him and married Armaan.

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Roohi approaches Rudra and inquires as to what he is doing with Preesha. Pihu observes them hiding and recalls rousing Roohi from her sleep and dispatching her to disturb Rudra and Preesha. She believes she will use Roohi against Preesha and brainwashes Pihu against Preesha, believes Vidyuth died as a result of Preesha, and hence refuses to let Preesha to reuite with Rudra. Roohi inquires of Rudra as to what he is doing with Mrs Thakur. Rudra inquires as to why she is misbehaving with her mother. Roohi claims that Preesha is not her mother.

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