Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th November 2022 episode written update

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Pihu tells Preesha that she doesn’t have money to spend, while Sharada is getting prepared for marriage. She says if later can help Sharada by giving her money. Preesha tells Sharada won’t like it. Pihu told her to give money to servent Shamu and tells don’t let her know this money matters. Preesha says I will giv money. Preesha gives money to Shamu to use in the market, he says if Sharada knows about this, she will get angry. Preesha says don’t worry I came out, she doesn’t know this. Pihu asks Sharada to make a halwa for him. Sharada says she needs ingredients to prepare halwa and she went to Shamu and she gets shocked to see that Preesha is giving money to Shamu. Sharada goes near them and ask Preesha that “why are giving money to Shamu?”, Preesha escapes silently from there without uttering a word. After she left Sharada asks Shamu why she has given money to you, he lied saying she gave him money to buy things in the market, and with that being said he also left there.

Rudraksh enters his room and finds some paintings on the walls and he questions who did this. This is Preesha’s room so Rudraksh can’t hang other people’s pictures, says Saaransh. Rudraksh says Preesha married Armaan. To this Saaransh replies, Preesha had reasons for that. He asks if is there any reason behind marrying Pihu. He says I am against Rudraksh and Pihu’s relationship and left the place.

They have to do something else says Ruhi to Saaransh and he says I have planned something different. Shamu brings a flower bouquet to Rudraksh saying it is found outside. Rudraksh says this is for Pihu and Pihu says this is my favorite flower. A Scorpian comes out from the bouquet and bites Pihu, she becomes unconscious. Rudraksh asks Sharada to call Preesha, because she is a doctor. Sharada says Preesha is outside. Meanwhile, servant says I found this in Shamu’s hand, listening to this Shamu gets scared.

Ruhi drags Saaransh aside and says you shouldn’t have sent a bouquet and Scorpian.Rudraksh listens to their conversation and drags Saaransh into the hall and informs them he is behind the bouquet. Preesha treats Pihu. One of the servants says I had seen Shamu bringing a bouquet into the house. Shamu escapes from there and all re searching for him.

Rudraksh knows that Shamu left the house with a suitcase and informs Sharada. She says I know who is behind this. He asks Who. She blames Preesha for this. Preesha defends herself. Sharada says I have seen Preesha giving money to Shamu to do this and she had done this to scare Pihu. Rudraksh asks Preesha “why did you gave money to Shamu?”. Armaan throws a pillow at Rudraksh and says you shouldn’t shout Preesha and tells Preesha that he Doesn’t like Rudraksh because he is a bad uncle. Preesha takes out Armaan from there. Pihu regains consciousness and tells about money. Rudraksh thinks about who is culprit.

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