Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1 November 2022 episode written update

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Abhimanyu was seen practising for Neil’s sangeet alongside Neil, Shefali, and Nishta in today’s episode.  Manjiri looks on from a distance, teary-eyed, and wishes him the best. Abhimanyu recalls his interaction with Akshara and expresses his affection for him while waiting for her response. Suhasini and Swarna are worried about Neil and Arohi’s sangeet. Akhilesh expresses fear about facing Mahima’s face since she is terrible. Shefali adds that Mahima hasn’t left her room in a while, to which Manjiri responds that she should understand her error. Manjiri believes Neil and Abhimanyu deserve happiness because Abhinayu has already been through a lot.

Akshara is also thinking about Abhimanyu, but she remembers Suhasini’s words. He claims that she loves him, but she is unsure because something appears to be stuck between them. Abhimanyu examines the payal he intends to give to Akshara. He claims to have previously emptied the lipstick drawer for Akshara, who must already have hundreds of them. He has also chosen to hang curtains of Akshara’s choosing, but the only thing he will not change is the temperature of the ac so that Akshara feels cold and stays near to him.

While Abhimanyu eagerly awaits his meeting with Akshara, the Birlas prepare for the sangeet. Abhimanyu compliments Maa on her wonderful appearance. Parth informs Abhimanyu that he can stay at home if he is not at ease. Abhimanyu encourages him to abandon everything and join them. Arohi accepts the prenuptial agreement from Atul while singing Tenu Leke Mein Jawanga. Arohi feels terrified and wonders why he came inside when she told him not to. She thanks Atul for the documents and says she’ll have Neil sign them without him knowing. Akshara overhears the chat and is intrigued by what Arohi is saying.

Suhasini inquires about Atul as well, but Arohi lies and claims that he is a friend who has come to join the sangeet. Abhimanyu eventually notices Akshara dressed up and can’t keep his gaze away from her. Akshara withdraws and hides behind the curtain.

The Goenkas greet the Birlas. Neil tries to persuade Abhimanyu that he has already declared his love to Akshara and that now that the timing is right, he should go and be romantic with her. Abhimanyu begs him to keep his advice to himself because he has no fear of anyone and will do whatever he wants. He later approaches Akshara and asks her to reconsider their relationship. Akshara, on the other hand, is still restless and attempts to flee. Abhimanyu grabs her hand and pulls her towards him, displaying her her earrings. He assists her in putting them on, but then chooses not to and returns them.  Akshara swings between shy and confused and gives a smile that conveys a sea of emotions.

Abhimanyu also approaches Manish and requests his two minutes. He tells him a story of how he lost a childhood friend’s friendship because of his wrath. He tells him to enjoy the occasion because it is his daughter’s sangeet. Abhimanyu also approaches Rohan and compliments him on his clothing. He also inquires as to what he is doing here and directs him to return to the hospital. Rohan decides to go, but Abhimanyu stops him and tells him that he is only joking. Rohan also tries to give him love advise, but Abhimanyu avoids it by asking him to be the love guru instead.

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