Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd November 2022 episode written update

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Abhimanyu was shown to be charmed by Akshara’s beauty . As she walks down the steps, he watches her with adoration. Manish joins the sangeet after listening to Abhimanyu’s advice. Abhimanyu instructs Akshara to prepare for the dancing competition, as he wishes to earn the title of best couple. Kairav notices Akshara’s confusion and encourages her to live her life and enjoy it, especially now that she has a second opportunity.

Neil removes his shoes for aarti as the ceremonies begin. He subsequently discovers that his shoes are vanished. Arohi’s companions are happy because they were the ones who pulled off the heist. Abhimanyu claims that this is a wedding tradition, not a Sangeet ritual, but the girls claim that they added a twist to the ritual. Neil considers them cheaters, while Akshara defends Arohi and claims she used her brains. Abhimanyu accepts the challenge and declares that they can use their intellect all they want, but the Goenkas will triumph with their hearts.

Akshara is now seeking for the papers. Abhimanyu locates her once more. Akshara inquires whether he requires anything. I want you, says Abhimanyu. She inquires if he requires something to drink. Abhimanyu requests juice and amuses Akshara by denying one beverage after another. Akshara ultimately gives up and suggests that you ask the personnel.

Arohi is equally concerned about the papers and decides to conceal them before they are discovered. Abhimanyu believes he is pushing too hard and should relax. But then he reconsiders and decides to keep trying.

Akshara requests Sirat’s assistance in locating the papers. She eventually finds the paper and is astounded to see them. She decides to show Manish and Swarna the papers. She rushes towards Manish and Swarna, but stumbles and falls. Abhimanyu appears and grabs her. During all of this, the papers from her palm fall into the flower basket. Akshara and Arohi are both looking for the papers right now. Akshara notices something and is taken aback.

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