Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th November 2022 episode written update

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Akshara questions Aarohi about her plan. Akshara says Aarohi is marrying Neil to acquire 10% of the share in the hospital. I know the intention behind this, so I am against this she added. Abhimanyu helped me in finding prenup papers to expose Aarohi. Neil throws the table that contains cake on it in anger and says I loved her wholeheartedly, I would rather die for her. Aarohi is scolded by the family members. Aarohi warned Akshara to mind her business. Abhimanyu says we at least accept our mistakes and try to correct them.

Aarohi says I really loved Neil, but I need a share in the hospital as well. Manish apologizes on behalf of Aarohi and says Aarohi did a mistake. Abhimanyu and Akshara ask Neil to take a decision. Neil recalls all his memories of Aarohi and Abhimanyu’s warning that Aarohi is not correct for him.

Aarohi tried to convince Neil. He says that Abhimanyu had already warned me about you that you are not right for me, that you have proved here. Aarohi loves Neil, Abhimanyu comes and stops Aarohi, asks her if there is no hospital and money for Neil and if he wants to start new, will you marry him? Aarohi becomes silent. This made Neil take a decision that should return the engagement ring and leave from there.

Neil is depressed and wants to die. Abhimanyu consoles him and motivated him saying I am behind you don’t give up. Manish says sorry to Akshara and pleads with her to trust him. Akshara tries to console Goenkas. Abhimanyu consoles Neil in the house while he is crying with a broken heart. Neil asks Abhimanyu to bring Akshara.

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